Austria Vaccine Mandate

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MrsCheese | 15:49 Fri 19th Nov 2021 | News
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I am surprised no one has posted about Austria's decision to not only lockdown Vaccinated and unvaccinated, they intend to make vaccinations mandatory for everyone. What does everyone think about this?


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Nothing to believe, lottie... either she had it or she didn't. Guesses or stats don't help. I would suggest, if you are worried, to both get a lateral test, before you meet up next time. You can't catch it from someone negative x
I’m not asking you to, lottie, but he’s given advice in the past that is downright dangerous. I’m just trying to explain and allay your fears.
Andres - you do not have to visit the countries where certain vaccinations are required. That is the big difference. Mandatory vaccination takes away personal choice and rights.
I'm disappointed that Naomi and Pixie don't see the similarities of seat-belts and vaccines.

Good job I hadn't chipped in with my opinion of the would be in bits.
I'm not that worried to be honest. He didn't make my mind up. I did. But I really don't like all the infighting and sniping on AB.
Nor me.
Roy, thanks for not chopping me in bits! :-)
Re. infighting and sniping - nor do I. Sometimes I just don't want to congtribute.
^^^^ OMIT THE 'G'!
Some pathetic arguments to be honest
Do any of the females who have posted have the same argument against the HPV vaccine for themselves or their daughters or sisters or other female relatives ? Or are you hypocritical and have had it or advocate it for said females ?
I laugh at anti vaxers because pretty much every one of them had all the standard ones we had as school kids and never questioned it

I can assure you I did anything but hide behind the settee in the middle of the pandemic
What were you doing ? Reading all the rubbish on facebook ? Lol

Because wearing a seat belt, isn't an invasive procedure with the potential to kill you. It's just safest in cars. I can't think of any equivalent comparisons with covid.

Do you not think that the Covid has infinitely more potential to kill you ?
Going to the dentist has the potential to kill you then yes ?
Scaremongers and conspiracy theorists like you need to stop with pathetic excuses

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Austria Vaccine Mandate

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