Colin Pitchfork Back In Prison

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mushroom25 | 19:12 Fri 19th Nov 2021 | News
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The scumbag should never have been set free.
shoulda been hung - damn savage!
There frustratingly isn't much info in that article about what conditions he breached
I read elsewhere that he was detained for ‘concerning behaviour’. The article also mentioned long solitary walks. I think it might have been a Guardian report.
Oh dear - I do long solitary walks.
actually, I would have predicted that he'd have sense enough to keep to the licence conditions. Apparently not.
Good result, whether he actually breached the conditions or whether the police just said he did. Either way, back where he belongs.
Good, savage should have swung years ago and certainly should never have been released.
Damn savage should never see the light of day anyway. I despair at those that could possibly conclude it's ever appropriate to let scum like this out.
The Parole Board is not for purpose. Thank God he didn't murder again.
Why would a man who murdered and raped 2 young girls even be considered for parole ?
Only in his early sixties. Still a danger to young girls/females in general. If he has to be let out, make it in another 25 yrs.
The story of his original arrest was amazing. Imagine if that girl hadn't come forward and reported the conversation she'd heard about Pitchfork fiddling the testing procedure. DNA testing may have been put back years.
I would guess that after so long in prison, he has simply been unable to adapt to the vast changes in society that will no doubt be overwhelming, coupled with what will doubtless feel like complex and bewildering restrictions.

The result is further incarceration until at least the end of 2023, before he can be considered for application for release under licence.

That has to be a good thing for society in general, and the families of his victims in particular.

Some people are not meant to live among us.

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Colin Pitchfork Back In Prison

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