Austria Vaccine Mandate

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MrsCheese | 15:49 Fri 19th Nov 2021 | News
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I am surprised no one has posted about Austria's decision to not only lockdown Vaccinated and unvaccinated, they intend to make vaccinations mandatory for everyone. What does everyone think about this?


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I think it's disgusting, shocking and totally wrong and I hope the ones opposed to it make their feelings known and cause havoc !! Hitler would be SO proud ....

They are already creating a problem by not being vaccinated
Not sure how Hitler would be so proud either
He was a dictator and tyrant not an anarchist
Quite chilling. A slippery slope.
Because if they don't conform they will be placed into lockdown and if they do conform they will have to carry papers (proof of vaccination), very reminiscent of Hitler's power mad nazis where people had to conform, or else !!! Or are you being deliberately obtuse stickybottle ?? Making folk have a vaccination they do not want is WRONG on so many levels and all I can assume from your post is that you are one of the many 'sheeple' out there who have spent most of the pandemic hiding behind the settee ! Have your vaccinations if YOU want, but leave others to make up their own minds - dictatorship is WRONG !! And if you have had yours, what the hell are you worried about anyway ....

Indeed it is a slippery slope naomi.
Lockdown?. They can go to work, go to supermarkets for essenitals, go out for medical appointments or emergencies and have an exercise. That doesn't sound too bad to me. I wouldn't be complaining.
Totally agree, Shirley. I'm pro-vax, anti-bullying. Let people decide for themselves, like it or not, everyone has the right to a "normal" life. Except criminals.
SB //They are already creating a problem by not being vaccinated//

Unless you are suggesting they invented covid. They aren't. Like everyone else, they are deciding what they believe is best for them, in this unwanted situation. MYOB.
We seem to have accepted mandatory seat-belts, despite the clamour at the time from people who were scared that they wouldn't be 'thrown free' in a crash, or who thought they would be trapped in their cars and burnt to death. Why the fuss about mandatory jabs?
I had a friend visit during the week. A fully vaccinated friend. Then I learned that her hubby and four adult offspring are antivaxers. So basically they care not about her and now I have been put at risk. Yes, everybody should be entitled to a normal life if they don't put others at risk. To me antivaxers are selfish and should be put in what is called a lock down. It's inconvenient for them, but not a punishment.
Agree with you Atheist!
It's apparently something to do with Adolf Hitler, Atheist, and a slippery slope.

Probably all the rain lately.
Because wearing a seat belt, isn't an invasive procedure with the potential to kill you. It's just safest in cars. I can't think of any equivalent comparisons with covid.
Pixie, I pointed out two perceived threats to life from anti seatbelters. Isn't it invasive to be forced to strap yourself inside a potential death-trap? (That's not my personal view, incidentally, for the benefit of some here who tend to misunderstand some of my points).
Atheist, i don’t see a correlation between the requirement for seat belts to be worn and forcing people to have chemicals pumped into their bodies against their will. The second surely must be a personal choice.

Lottie, the unvaccinated pose a risk only to themselves. The vaccination is not a magic potion that prevents people from carrying the virus so I think you’re as much at risk from the vaccinated as you are from the unvaccinated.
No, atheist. I honestly can't see a comparison.
I am pretty sure (correct me if I'm wrong...) if I turned up to take you out and suggested putting your seat belt on, you would co-operate without much problem?
If I turned up with a syringe... telling you it should probably help if you get a virus, a small chance it might kill you, and nobody knows the effect in 10,20,30 years time.... would you consider it the same choice?
And don't worry... I very often offer a different option, which people decide must be my opinion... :-)
I'm disappointed that Naomi and Pixie don't see the similarities of seat-belts and vaccines. Surprised in Pixie's case, less so in Naomi's.
Both are (or would be) compulsory measures which are perceived by some as being potentially dangerous to them in certain circumstances.
Both are aimed at protecting society from widespread harm which arises from hgigh death and injury toll. If seat belts are accepted as OK (which they are by most people) then why not vaccine?
// I think you’re as much at risk from the vaccinated as you are from the unvaccinated.//. Exactly... if they have it.

The problem is, nationwide stats and percentages are essential for patterns, to see how well and how vaccines work or don't, most problem areas etc...

But useless for real life. (See Chanel's question). Covid doesn't reliably work on percentages. It's binary. Either someone has it, or they don't. You have a chance of getting it from someone triple-vaxxed and positive. No chance of getting it from a crowd of 200 anti-vaxxers who are all negative.
We need covid status, as vaccine status means nothing to anyone else.
As for Pixie's question at 15:54, I've already made my choice by having three jabs.
But then.... I'm not the type to object on principle if I can see sense behind it. Some here do hate to be 'bossed around' and I understand although I regret that they feel that way.
It's apples and oranges, atheist. Like wearing a crash helmet. However, there is a choice to get in a car, on a bike... but everyone has a right to just live.
There are no long-term risks of using seatbelts, but right now, nobody knows longterm effects of covid, it's all new.
And, as it doesn't affect others, people are entitled to take their own choices and risks. If you told me you refused to wear a seatbelt, I would think- more fool you, but your choice.

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Austria Vaccine Mandate

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