Austria Vaccine Mandate

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MrsCheese | 14:49 Fri 19th Nov 2021 | News
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I am surprised no one has posted about Austria's decision to not only lockdown Vaccinated and unvaccinated, they intend to make vaccinations mandatory for everyone. What does everyone think about this?


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Several threads in the past have flogged to death the compulsory vaccination topic.
It is quite obviously the right thing to do

As I said on a thread last week about repercussions in the uk:
Wait a fortnight before making any plans
You cannot force people to have a vaccination. They are in the EUSSR, expect a million lawsuits if they try and do it.
I can see WWW and all the oooman rights lawyers rubbing their hands!
depends what they mean by "compulsory" really, does that mean they'll be rounding people up and forcibly injecting them? Or does it mean they are effective prisoners if they don't submit?
I am like most people inclined to be against.
However I can see why they have taken this step.

It is interesting to note that one of the other countries to go down this route is Turkmenistan: as probably the world's most repressive regime after N Korea it may seem unsurprising. On the other had this is a country which claims not to have had any case of covid :-)
their vaccine take up has been slow like Germany,, this had to happen
hard cheese on the Austrians haw haw haw

wd make the Australians jump a bit! - does it matter what we think? If the Austrians dont like the sound of the jackboot they are free ( geddit?) to move to another part of the EU

Observe for a moment : it is a political decision not medical. The europeans dont want figures as bad as England's
because then - - - england's wouldnt be bad but par for the course and will occur to everyone eventually

and the French Germans etd really DON'T want that at all.
THEY want the obvious difference - England many dead and bad and the rest far fewer dead and very good

this present scenario ( dying like flies in Austria) is not in the hymn book At All

R number for Oz looks between 1.3 and 1.5 ( wiv my exponential eye ball etc) oo-er fraulein !
// Several threads have flogged to death the compulsory vaccination topic.//

well let's flog it a bit more: there is obviously life in it yet

foo- - - look TTT ( bless - aaaah !) has even been able to wheel out his "ooman rights" banner - and there he is, the little feller, marching around and waving the flag.... dusty, thread bare but proud to be there and demonstrate. aaaah !
Perhaps they just want to control the disease Peter

Or was that irony?
It is a perfectly reasonable question: Austria is the first European country to do this, and it's a major news item
Compulsory vaccination in the UK is illegal. It would take a change in primary legislation to alter that and I cannot see MPs voting in favour of it.

What can happen, of course, is that the government can legislate to prevent unvaccinated people from accessing certain places and services (such as public transport). Good luck to them with that. Where I live they cannot prevent people without tickets getting on to trains and buses. Quite how they propose barring the unvaccinated from doing so is anybody's guess. Still it will make good copy - and it will keep of few of m'Learned Friends from starving.
I assumed the question referred to people's opinion about Austria.
It isn't going to happen here - at least not for the general public.
I think it makes more sense than a disciminatory lockdown, and possibly even more sense than the "passport" system being rolled out in NI.
//The europeans dont want figures as bad as England's//

They already have. Latest daily figures (yes, I know you shouldn’t take a single day, but just a quick ball park):

Germany: 64,164 (770 per million)

Austria: 15,145 (1,699)

Netherlands: 23,591 (1,352)

Belgium: 18,437 (1,594)

Denmark: 4,013 (688)

UK: 44,937 (668)
We appear to be going down the route of...if you don't get jabbed your life won't be worth living.
Oh dear, brings to mind the manner of Governing another Austrian man have in the 30's.
Oh dear, brings to mind the manner of Governing another Austrian man have in the 30's

Not so
Read and digest

I think I support Austria on this: if its that or create a two tier society with vaccinated and unvaccinated then I know which I prefer.
Now the onus is on the authorities to make sure as many are vaccinated as possible.
They’ll need to be careful how it’s policed though.
I think it's disgusting, shocking and totally wrong and I hope the ones opposed to it make their feelings known and cause havoc !! Hitler would be SO proud ....

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Austria Vaccine Mandate

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