Lockdown On The Way For The Unvaccinated

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sunny-dave | 17:47 Thu 11th Nov 2021 | News
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My feeling that actions (or inactions) have consequences and that if you choose not to be vaccinated (which is your inalienable right) then you also choose to accept that Society in general has rights too, seems to have found an ear in Mr Schallenberg.

Is Austria a bellwether for the way that one can 'encourage' the great unvaccinated to do their bit?

Schallenberg said that a lockdown for the unvaccinated is “probably unavoidable” and that the unvaccinated face an “uncomfortable” winter and Christmas.

I like the quote :

“I don’t see why two-thirds should lose their freedom because one-third is dithering,” Schallenberg said.

Holland seems minded towards something similar too ... where next?


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Portugal. Booster vaccine rollout started. Over 80s at the moment and any one else who have had 2nd dose 6 months ago or more.
People being called 6 months after 2 jab all ages. Everyone being called for flu vaccine aged 50 plus. Masks still worn in all indoor spaces. Restaurants enter with masks then remove when seated. Lots of problems with unvaccinated holidaymakers not using masks and getting nasty when told they can't enter. All kids 10 plus masks in schools but not for sports
// Am I right in thinking that the unvaccinated are only a danger to themselves if they get the virus? //


being vaccinated cuts the link between Covid and dying - vaccinated people dont ( die) ( from covid)
but not being a potential carrier - - which has taken me a long time to accept. Usually you dont carry if you have immunity

but the idea has been around for so long ( er two years actually ) that they must have known from the original trials in early 2020 and accounts for the general disbelief that patients stopped dying
More vaccinated people die of covid than unvaccinated. There are obvious reasons for this.
I'd love to know why PP finds it necessary to lie on every one of these covid threads. Anyone know?
I don't care much about the people that have chosen to not be vaccinated. Good luck to them though.
True to form AB. Th'Old Folks Home of the Saintly and Sanctimonious.
Well, if the Govt. wants something like civil war and the unrest that is already manifesting itself in Italy etc. just do it!

Seriously - if you are vaccinated then you are extremely unlikely to die. This is a fact. Unvaccinated children are extremely unlikely to die - another fact. Therefore... why worry quite so much?

From this it follows that a demand to isolate the unvaccinated (I'm vaccinated by the way) is an endeavour to impose population control in a heavy-handed and dictatorial manner.

I will NOT discriminate against people. My choice to be vaccinated - their choice not to be. Equally valid. Once vaccinated I am relatively safe. Unvaccinated make their choice.
I think it is an excellent idea. Why should the majority of people be punished as well as the minority. I am triple vaccinated. I wear a mask everywhere and I am totally sick of seeing people not wearing masks and people not having vaccinations it is so unfair. I will be absolutely raging if there is another lockdown this Christmas and New Year in Scotland. I've organised a 50th party for early January everyone coming is triple vaccinated and the venue is well organised regarding social distancing and mask wearing and track and trace
Tell me there'll be random drug/breathalyser tests, geordie, and I'm in.
Gordie sounds like he should be a govt minister. You live your life in fear, apparently Gordie. Will it be a cowering party?
I am back to living life pretty much normally. The only way to enforce such a policy would be by vaccine passports which I refuse to have. If I can't go in somewhere to spend my money it's their loss not mine. I've had all 3 jabs.
The Minister for Fun, maybe.
Although there'll be fierce competition for that post in Bonny Scotland, och aye. ;-)
Riots in Italy? Some people read things into the smallest incident. Seems to me the people in places like spain Italy portugal cyprus are very socially responsible and doing what's advised about masks distancing curfews ( when they had them), vax passports for bars etc. They know its worth it in the long run and care about family and neighbours rather than themself and there right to get covid and risk infecting others
10clarion St.., maybe you been a bit harsh on gordie as he does have significant underlying health issues which you and I are lucky enough not to have. He's sensibly taking precautions and wants others to do whats asked to protect people like him and reduce spread ingeneral

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Lockdown On The Way For The Unvaccinated

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