Lockdown On The Way For The Unvaccinated

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sunny-dave | 17:47 Thu 11th Nov 2021 | News
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My feeling that actions (or inactions) have consequences and that if you choose not to be vaccinated (which is your inalienable right) then you also choose to accept that Society in general has rights too, seems to have found an ear in Mr Schallenberg.

Is Austria a bellwether for the way that one can 'encourage' the great unvaccinated to do their bit?

Schallenberg said that a lockdown for the unvaccinated is “probably unavoidable” and that the unvaccinated face an “uncomfortable” winter and Christmas.

I like the quote :

“I don’t see why two-thirds should lose their freedom because one-third is dithering,” Schallenberg said.

Holland seems minded towards something similar too ... where next?


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Cyprus, we have just been out to stay with friends and they are going one step further. So many have not returned for their 2nd jab that they are now going to be classed as unvaccinated. You cannot enter any shop, bar, restaurant or business without a covid certificate or a negative test within 72 hours. This also includes employees in their place of work. We ahead ours checked without fail every time, our friends got away with it a couple of times but only in places they use regularly and have shown them several times already.
Not read the links but it cant be full lockdown as in no going to shops, walks, church etc, but it could in some countrys like in France be restrictions for certain venues, there even talking of public transport. I cant see how theyd police it so doubt its going to take off
Schallenberg is completely right. Unvaccinated people are selfish and should not be able to put everyone else in danger.
Yes Cyprus allready requires proof of vax before entering bars. restraunts. Didnt realise it was shops as well.
Whereas other countrys I seen generally comply including Scotland and lesser extent Wales theres no way the English would allow it, too many feel they know better or feel there human rights exceed those of there neighbours. Many Tories and Liberals would not vote for it.
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It's already very tight - with many restrictions for the unvaccinated

Presumably 'lockdown' will be even more severe.
We cant even get thousands of carers to accept the need for vax before they work with vunerable people. Supermarkets here and bus/trains soon give up trying to enforce masks and just turned a blind eye, theres no way shops will check vaccine certs and even if supermarkets do the corner shops certainly won't
It can't be done, unless they want to have some symbol, perhaps sewn onto jackets, to declare verbottenness.

It's been tried before by one of Herr Schallenberg's countrymen to devastating effect.

Let the unvaccinated wander the place and take their chances and advise them that home to bed will be the instruction should they succumb. No intensive care available.

Time to play hardball with the bewildered.
It's all a bit daft.
You can try to stop unvaccinated people doing this and that, where it's possible but you cannot exclude them from society
"corner shops certainly won't "

I think ours might, having said the above!
Woe betide anyone who wnters therein maskless :-)
in France I gather over 65s will have to be triple jabbed. it'll be interesting if the UK government look to impose similar - there's no way of evidencing the booster jab as it doesn't appear on your passport, nor do the vaccinators give you a card unless you kick off......
Hi ick- am thinking of the ones that sell suprisingly cheap alcohol and cigs to kids, and laughing gas canisters and where no one has worn masks or few trusted the vax
Am I right in thinking that the unvaccinated are only a danger to themselves if they get the virus? The vaccine doesn't stop transmission, only stops you getting seriously ill. Just wondered.
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Anyone refusing to be vaccinated poses a risk to the vaccinated population – as well as a much greater risk to themselves and other unvaccinated persons.

There is an increased risk of infection to individual vaccinated persons – an unvaccinated person is much [i more likely to be ill with Covid-19 at some point, and will also be shedding a maximum viral load for [i] much ] longer whilst in the infectious stage of the illness (recovery times are significantly longer in unvaccinated people).

I understand all that, and I am not against some restrictions, but surely the point of the vaccine is to protect against infection.
I don't think this is a realistic policy.
Far better to hit them with the stats: they are the ones who will suffer most.

Society may have rights, but they do not include forcing folk to have medication they don't wish to have, by discriminating against them and bullying them. Nobody need lose any freedoms and a sane individual would support both that, and the prevention of authorities abusing citizens.
Would you let people walk freely if they were known to have a highly infectious dangerous disease old geezer or do you accept that freedoms have to be restricted sometimes for the greater good
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We don't stop people drinking - but we do legislate against them driving whilst impaired by alcohol - I see nothing different in prohibiting the unvaccinated from certain 'nice to do' activities so as to protect the (majority) vaccinated population from increased risk.
Bobbin, I would agree if nobody had been vaccinated but they have.
erm there are a variety of ways to solve this problem .......
We need vaccine to have few places to go not let a pool of unvaxed let it spread and risk variants. There's still a risk of the vaxed getting it. I don't want to force it on people but pvax proof is rightly there and accepted for flights abroad and could be extended to certain other areas like big workplaces or theatres but not for walking the streets or shopping

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Lockdown On The Way For The Unvaccinated

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