Tories Are Wallowing In Sleaze

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Roobaba | 09:41 Thu 04th Nov 2021 | News
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Owen Paterson vote: Tories are wallowing in sleaze, says Sir Keir Starmer

Sleaze rules 'torn up'by 'shameless' Tory MPs

.. shamelessness.

Definitions of shamelessness. behaviour marked by a bold defiance of the proprieties and lack of shame. synonyms: brazenness. type of: boldness, daring, hardihood, hardiness. the trait of being willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger.

Sleaze rules OK.. are we bothered?


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hard working?
o god just let me tell you what he worked hardest at !

filling his wallet and feeding his kids - that's what ! I hope he paid tax on it all.....
Owen Paterson has been left with no option but to resign

he had the option of not resigning.
TTT at 15.12, I’ve got a better idea let’s not get Rodders into government.What does need to happen is either Boris has to go or he needs to stop being influenced by Carrie and get back to proper government.If he can’t then he should go but SKS in No 10,don’t make me laugh.
Boris ain't goin' anywhere for a loooooong time.
Question Author
Zacs-Master 'Boris ain't goin' anywhere for a loooooong time.'

.. let's make this interesting, the gamblers place your bets!

Sooo.. we are bovvered, maybe slightly. YOU BET WE ARE!!!
// Boris ain't goin' anywhere for a loooooong time.//
you need to add the Judge Judy eye roll....

and Bert to do his toothy - yeah lordy Mizz Judy
yeah and Judge J saying - gedd up offa da floor bert
or I will run over you !

sozza - getting a bit over heated
// Stableford Very disappointed that Owen Paterson has been left with no option but to resign. Lets hope the process is reviewed before other families fall victim. //

He pocketed £500,000 and you say he is a victim LOL.
// Randox (the NI firm that Peterson lobbied for) would not long after win £500m of government work for the NHS’s Covid test and trace programme. The company had already been favoured with a visit to its labs in Northern Ireland by the then health secretary, Matt Hancock, in 2019. //

Well, that puts a different complexion on things. £500Million of tax payers money goes to Randox, the company Paterson was lobbying for.

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Tories Are Wallowing In Sleaze

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