Alec Baldwin Shooting Accident

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fender62 | 15:51 Sat 23rd Oct 2021 | News
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what a tragedy that could have been avoided, sorry for alec and his mental turmoil.


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Why they would have any live ammo on a set beats me. I heard that these days they don't even use blanks as the gun firing and the noise can be added later with CG graphics in the editing part.
We were just talking about this. How in earth did it happen? Who would load a gun with live ammunition on a film set? Was it intended?
I've never like the bloke.
Strange job!
I feel very sorry if it was an accident, but like APG, just said, surly there wouldn't be live ammunition on set?!..
If the production company was a small one, they may not have had the money for CGI, etc.
Patsy, "I've never like (sic) the bloke" is a very strange response to this tragic incident. Do you believe the actor loaded the gun with live ammo and purposely murdered the unfortunate lady?
Of course not!, Ken..
Just don't like him.
It all seems very strange.
It would be pretty grim if the accident turned into an incident.
Alright Douglas - would 'thing to happen' suit you better?
I wasn't having a dig, Mamyalynne, I was looking down the road to where tragic accident might suddenly become a crime scene.

Union trouble, nervous gun handler, disgruntled employer, opportunity presents.

Stranger things have happened, that's all.
I suppose they have, only time will tell.
I'll repeat

Why was the prop even pointed at the cinematographer in the first place?
That too, Roy.
I don't know Roy, seems weird.
It all boils down to why would they have live ammo on a set?
Smacks of low-budget amateurism to me. From what i have read, the film has been beset with problems, including accidental discharge of a prop gun on two occasions and a film crew quitting because of conditions.
Question Author
some may not like alec, but hey he accidently killed someone, i cannot imagine what he must feel like now, not like he was in a war zone.
Old saying
Never Never let your gun pointed be at any one
Though it may unloaded be
Matters not the least to me

Old Norfolk saying
Roy, it's perfectly possible they wanted a shot of the character firing the gun towards the camera which would explain how the cinematographer and director standing behind her were hit.

What I don't understand is why you'd ever need live rounds anywhere on a film set, let alone loaded into a weapon.
No one knows what it smacks of yet. But a dreadful dreadful accident .

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Alec Baldwin Shooting Accident

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