Rocket To N I ????

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Canary42 | 11:06 Thu 30th Sep 2021 | News
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Having retreated from both the bridge and the tunnel ideas, Back-off Boris looks as though he might try suggesting space rockets next for the link to Northern Ireland (yes, I know it doesn't specifically say so, I'm just reading between the lines)

Remember, you saw it here first ;-)


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Nothing to do with NI.

But on that, I’m glad the bridge and tunnel ideas have been binned: if they have been?
hi itchy
binned means the fwobbly haired one has said 'not for a long time'
as a classicist, I dont think I am committing an elenchus ( mistakey) ( jesus last time I did this the whole thread got binned) when I write

mh genoito tais eschatais hemerais

let it not happen until the end of days (*)

(*) not sure which case - "time at which " takes dative - 'on the third day'

oh the Latin might be - nunquam die irae
( or not, spot the elenchus) - not until the day of anger.
cute huh?
-- answer removed --
Boris wants to be the first to use "The technology of space" he should be good at that , ...he has enough between his ears.. lol
Why not try to read on the lines first.
I don't think we build rockets. Would we be using a European rocket to launch a British satellite? Or perhaps an Indian rocket, or Chinese or Russian?
yeah time at which - - takes the dative

rocket to Nordern Oireland - bejaysus wild horses wouldnt drag me there - ter daah !
he already announced a plan to launch a British rocket from Scotland; I don't know what's new about this

Britain launched a satellite back in the 70s, but it was from Australia.

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Rocket To N I ????

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