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sunny-dave | 13:40 Fri 24th Sep 2021 | News
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For any monoglots, I'll translate :


Shortage of manpower, disrupted supply chain, products out of stock, departure of European Citizens.

With the progressive end of the Covid crisis, the UK begins to glimpse the real consequences of leaving the EU."

The subsequent article points out that few of the logistical nightmares currently affecting the UK are occurring in the EU - giving the lie to the big "It's Covid, innit" excuse being peddled by the Borisistas ...


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ooops - I prufe red the tixt, but not the tittle

I did wonder if you had the word farce in your head and stuck the n in by mistake.... :-)
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Sour grapes because we left.
well if they'd stop having a hissy fit because we left their club it would better for all concerned. M&S closing stores means French jobs down le Kasi!
Ooo … they’re smarting. :o)
to paraphrase: "well they would say that wouldn't they"
IMO, it doesnt really matter about the why because we are in the situation we are in NO MATTER WHAT the root cause The only people who seem to waorry about the why are the ones on both sides of the debate who want to bash the other side with it
The French should worry about their own economy, because they have plenty to worry about.
Bonnet de douche!
... his tune ....
Thanks for making me aware the Libération newspaper existed sunny-dave, probably a more honest and comprehensive assessment of Brexit than the controlled, stenographer British Press.
EU is missing our gdp that France has to now meet.
the driver truck shortage has been brewing some while:

then the gas shortage (of Putin making)

CO2 shortages on the continent -

Coal is one alternative for the Euros - and the French are cosseted by their huge nuclear portfolio. Therefore buqqqer Glasgow and the COP26 looks to be the attitude.....
EU missing our GDP?
'Libération' has always been the voice of the French hard left.

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A View From Farnce

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