Arh Well, Looks Like My Energy Supplier Is About To Go Under ( Igloo Energy)

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Bobbisox1 | 16:24 Fri 24th Sep 2021 | News
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They’ve got £264 of my money ( credit) I’ve tried phoning them but can’t get through, tried online , same
I’m sure we’ll survive this, we always do :0)
No link as nothing is confirmed yet, apparently it was said on Martin Lewis last night ?


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Didn't somebody once say something about not making a drama out of a crisis? It's some fly-by-night sorts who thought they could speculate and accumulate, nobody's stealing anything and we all still have power.
17:38 Fri 24th Sep 2021
Ours has gone too - Avro. Not heard anything as yet
"We’re experiencing high call volumes following recent press coverage. We can reassure you that your energy supply is secure and all credit balances are protected."
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I’m not unduly worried about it Margo , I’m sure we’ll wether the storm
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Thanks LIK
Haven't got much choice have we. What will be will be - pain in the backside though
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Money owed is to be carried over to new supplier, not much good with the price hike is it?
Oh dear.
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You don’t have that worry do you gully ?
What you having for Christmas dinner again?
Sour grapes I should think Bobbie
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Haha, absolutely right Margo
"oh dear" @ 16.32. Said with such sympathy and understanding...
Childish gloating in an adult is so endearing.
when you finally get on
make sure you have a screen shot of your credit
as this will be taken as evidence of credit

otherwise - on the day they go bust take a photo of your meters to avoid double charging

Martin lewis last night
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Gingerbee, it’s Gully though, the Ed’s nephew we think haha
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Done all that PP, thanks
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Your suppler has gone bust as he was selling gas too cheap
Your next supply is not gonna hike up the price
but this is a fact of life mind
is gonna sell it at a price where he wont go bust

"no excess profit" seems a hollow cry when directors and accountants are in the dole queue

but hey this is Ab so we van give it a go.....
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Yup that’s the way it goes PP :0)
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Candles stocked up , check
Fish fingers,check
Eggs, free range of course, check
Fleecy throw, check

What have I forgotten?
happened to a friend the other day. Her new supplier quoted her a figure three times higher than the old one. I asked if maybe it was quoting quarterly instead of monthly, but no.

So she is having to hunt around. Don't take what they offer you without checking.

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Arh Well, Looks Like My Energy Supplier Is About To Go Under ( Igloo Energy)

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