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Isn't this tragic?
It must be terrifying P/nose
If you live by an active volcano, you can't be that surprised.
Frightening - the power of nature is quite awesome.
I ask why?... It is sad though.
"active" is a fairly vague description though, Hopkirk. Previous eruptions were 1971, 1949 and 1712. It's not exactly a constant threat you'd build your life around.
1971, 1949... To me me that's pretty active. Building up to its next eruption.. should be obvious.
It's been rumbling for a couple of weeks.

//A total of 642 quakes measuring between magnitude 2.0 and 3.0 were recorded on and around the island of La Palma during the last 14 days.//

half a century's a long time, Arksided; at a guess, most of the islanders won't have even been alive last time it happened.

I would have thought it would be predictable in the short term if seismologists have been doing their job; I don't how much of a surprse it was.
Although it’s La Palma not Gran Canaria
Question Author
Sorry for that silly mistake. Confusing la palma with las palmas.
La palma is tiny in comparison. Tragic all the same.
Apparently the whole island has been splitting in two for ages. There is a fear that if the western side collapses into the sea it could cause a tsunami which would affect the eastern USA.
Apparently the study that suggested that possibility has been discredited, Dave.
Question Author
Just back from my hols, hoppy. Thanks for the link.

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Gran Canary Volcano Eruption

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