Insulate Britain Storms Off Gmb

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fender62 | 16:15 Wed 22nd Sep 2021 | News
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anyone seen this interview, if not watch this guy's moronic statements.


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Lengthy community service for the lot of them. If they want to do something useful cleaning up beaches and hedgerows would be a start.
09:54 Thu 23rd Sep 2021
Good grief! Time to stop pandering.
At least he had removed his superhero garb...

They don't like it up 'em! (But - as is usual these days - the interviewer was unnecessarily belligerent.)
So he didn't glue his hand to the desk this time?
I saw. He Liam did not put forward any valid points & kept harping on about Hitler.
I would have walked off.
He was a "patsy " a set up for excessive aggression of the interviewer.
It was a Piers Morgan in reverse.
Good. I’m pleased they were aggressive with him. Those people are causing misery for thousands - and worse. I doubt their methods win much support for their cause.
As I said on last week's thread on this outfit...

Impossible to fathom how they feel causing so much disruption for so many would improve their call for better home insulation.
The bloke (Norton) is a prize knob.
Is he really Insulate Britain's leader?

That utter buffoon is their leader?

Jesus wept.

It's hardly surprising they're ridiculed and despised when their leader is an utter plank.

The irony of him not having insulated his home is delicious.
I was just about to say his home isn’t insulated. I wonder what he does for a living? I always wonder what protestors who have time to disrupt everyone’s lives during the working week do. for a living.
Are we unable to handle images of fruit loops wandering on a motorway?

'May contain flashing images', 'language which may offend', 'please, don't try this at home'.

What is wrong with this lily livered country of ours?

As for yer man, he needs to get a girlfriend, pronto.
I’d love to go up to the protesters with a roll of insulating material and say “Could you just see if that house over there needs doing.” What would they do?
Lofty ambition there, Cloverjo.
If he’s the leader I have to question the mentality of his followers:
Perhaps he was an exasperatingly stupid kid, and his mother would admonish him with "Jeez, why don't you go play in the traffic!"
//Lofty ambition there, Cloverjo.//

You deserve a tick for that, douglas.
Sqad, I disagree with your post. If one enters a battle zone without being fully equipped, one can expect to be beaten.
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what a plonker, doesn't even have his own place insulated!

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Insulate Britain Storms Off Gmb

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