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Was he Transphonic?
16:21 Sat 18th Sep 2021
Different sort of thread Tills ... who knows where it will lead?
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Don't anyone say Virgin!
Whatever network it was, its crap!
Poor chap.
He's obviously wired up wrong..
I read this and thought that the US lawyers had got Prince Andrew - however the memory of that 'cable' is probably significantly higher than that of the DofY, and in terms of either brain or penis memory or both together.....
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Sorry Dtc
I don't get that...

You should see where he stuck the headphones. ;-)
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Question Author
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Time to stop posting. My phone's playing up?
Togo, thanks for asking, I'm fine. Thank you. :-)
Be careful, Tilly, Prince Andrex may try calling you!
//My phone's playing up?//

LOL ⊙ˍ⊙
(yep, Togo - the secret service perhaps???)
>>> "After urological assessment, he underwent rigid cystoscopy and optical urethrotomy".

That's exactly the same op I had a fortnight ago! I'm now wondering what the surgeon actually found up there!

Lots of us have done it
I'll never be able to watch The Cable Guy again.
You need to be more flexible, Douglas..
What a dangerous thing to do. An interesting question is should he be charged for the non medical treatment?.
bit of a stretch, but how the heck did he get the shield end bit in...jeez

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