Brexit's Certainly Working - Not

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Canary42 | 09:36 Tue 14th Sep 2021 | News
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We were told it would prevent the country being "swamped by immigrants".

Yet still the record is still going up.

Another Brexit lie exposed again .


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"We were told it would prevent the country being "swamped by immigrants"." - who said that? Most discussions I had never mentioned migrants and anyway, why would anyone think that the change in status of the UK/EUSSR relationship would somehow effect the wishes of those wanting to come here? I guess that's another thread abandoned by canary following flawed "logic", next!
Canary, it wasn't a lie.Brexit wa about controlling EU immigrants and abolishing free movement. The influx of illegal immigrants we are seeing now is from the middle east.Please get your facts right before posting your usual distorted views.
danny: "Please get your facts right before posting your usual distorted views. " - stop it! my sides are splitting!
Canary ,....Brexit was all about immigration 100% , no doubt at all. ....
But they are still getting into the UK in the boat loads.
Ask any brexit voter why they voted out, and they will not admit it was to stop immigration ....... but it was .
well there's plenty of jobs:
even gully might be able to get one.
Of course there are now plenty of jobs available in the UK , one million to be exact,..... to be expected of course,.. now that the Brexiteers have returned the Nurses, Doctors, and other NHS workers, lorry drivers, fruit & veg pickers , shelf fillers etc. to their own E/U Countries. They got what they wanted, a run down NHS and empty supermaket shelves . Good luck
// Most discussions I had never mentioned migrants and anyway //

Short memory…
these are not eu migrants, but illgals roaming round europe for best benefits and routing legal means of entry, they are african and middle easterns, the eu let them in, and did not deport them as thye should have, and schengen just makes it easier for them to roam round europe cheery picking countries, stumbling blocks for western travelers but not for illegal migrants, do you think any of them have had a covid test erm let alone any other test for other nasty diseases.
Apparently, 76 million muslim Turks were heading for the UK if we didn’t vote Leave, even though Turkey is not (and never will be) a EU member.
tbhat's fine, fender, letting in foreign diseases is Boris's specialty.
Ok. you Brexiteers have replaced legal, working, tax paying E/U Immigrants for.
non working, non taxpaying , supported by taxpayers, illegal immigrants , how smart was that.
It’s terrible, Gulliver. We’re all starving and destitute - but thank you for caring.
I have honestly not seen such a bunch of garbage in one place for sometime.

Honestly, why to 'remainiacs' think they know how and why people voted?

You lost, we are not going back now suck it up and move on helping us make this country great again.
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Well most villages have had one for centuries.
13,21 YMB,I do understand that you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Can't you think of anything original on your own , without using someone elses party piece.
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Am surprised people are still falling for this clear windup that gulliver usually post's and somestimes canary 42. This must be about the 10th time they've deliberately misundsrood what brexit was about and confused legal open border immigration from EU with illegal migrants. Am not sure we keep responding instead of ignoring
Abuse rather than debate from Gulliver again I notice, and yet again he gets away with it.


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Brexit's Certainly Working - Not

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