Only Manslaughter

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Canary42 | 21:12 Thu 05th Aug 2021 | News
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These two are wicked evil murderers - why only charge with manslaughter.

Both should be locked up for ever, with minimum "facilities" - i.e. no PCs, no internet, no phones, etc.

Obviously full facts not there, but why didn't the neighbours pursue their concerns when evidence of cruelty seemed to be apparent ? We will never know I guess. I hope they get the book thrown at them.

Don't read it if you're sensitive, it's bloody heartbreaking, the poor little innocent little girl.


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This one made me feel sick to the stomach.

I know many will disagree with me but only stringing up is the answer for this pair.

An absolutely despicable and heinous crime and I dont understand the manslaughter verdict.

The only hope is that 'justice' will be served in some other way for them.
They may still get life for manslaughter. The whole criminal justice system fails me at times. This is the same week we learnt we let a Jihadi terrorist out who then stabbed some people in the name of Allah. Bring back Albert Pierrepoint. It's the only way.
We would have to dig him up, but I get the sentiment and agree entirely.
Poor little soul was doomed from day one - heartbreaking.
I have wondered in the past what I would do if I came face to face with someone like this.

I'm not entirely sure I would be able to control myself.
damn savages should get the Saddam Shuffle.
Be a terrible shame if they fell whilst in prison
There was probably no evidence of intention to kill or cause GBH - essential for a murder conviction
Can't read it. How long did they get?
They'll be sentenced on Friday.
Utter agreement with the op. How that isn't murder is a mystery. Disgusting and absolutely heart breaking.
Just sickening. Poor, poor girl.
Canary, it is a dreadful fact that it has happened before and will again, I have no doubt. As for sentencing, well I have just looked up the sad case of Maria Colwell to refresh my memory.

Another case of manslaughter where the guilty stepfather was sentenced to 8 years which was halved on appeal, unbelievably, following the painful death of an innocent child of 7 years who had lived the most miserable last year of her all too short life.

It is absolutely heartbreaking.
They had been charged with murder but the Jury found them not guilty.
I also do not want to read this horror news. I hope fellow inmates will make them suffer. Mankind teetering on the edge, will civilisation endure?
Barry there was intention to kill, the mother texted her boyfriend threatening to do so in a text message. It says so in the first two lines of the report.
Why didn't the grandparents and the people in the flat below do something? Poor child, heartbreaking.
If it is ok by you, TCL, I wrote on the point of a manslaughter sentence in response to Canary's comment that he hoped the book would be thrown at them.
Ladybirder, I did read the report but I expect her barrister claimed the text was no more than an expression of frustration than an intention to murder.

How in gods name weren’t they charged with murder!? That poor poor little girl. Makes me feel sick!

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Only Manslaughter

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