Nightmare Situation!

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wolf63 | 06:15 Fri 06th Aug 2021 | News
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This is my idea of a nightmare situation. The poor guy has lost three years of his life due to the incompetence of others.


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He'd hardly have made his own name up.
I was reading this week about a murder suspect who had to be released after no prosecutor turned up for 3 trials.
We might not have a perfect legal system but it beats the politicised US one. (imo)
pretty horrifying.

Isn't there a similar situation here whereby if you confess and repent your sentence is shortened? But if you're innocent and say so, you have to stay in longer because you haven't shown remorse?
What s desperately sad story. I hope he recovers from the harsh drug treatment. I wonder if he can get compensation of some sort?
and does it happen here?
well in my law course ( nurney nurney many years agoo)
Glazebrook ( less famous than Glanville Williams
taught that the plea - unfit to plead

might meant that the facts were then never ( 1970) tried. - leaving open the possibility that they had got and imprisoned an innocent but mad defendant

Steven Kischko was almost one ( tax man who had NOT strangled a little girl: someone else had) - he was latterly forcibly treated with antipsychotics because of his fixed delusion that he was innocent ( wont let him out see if he says that), and that the police had perjured themselves and no one was listening to him

later proven to be correct - oops !

obviously crazy later said: I always had faith in British Justice.

[Big obstacle was that two other little girls said they had seen him....doing something in a car. They hadnt. They made it up because "it was funny"]
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spicerack - I think that the Legal system and the Political system are more intertwined in the US. Many of the Presidents were originally Lawyers.

Jno, yep. No probation/early release if you don't confess to your guilt whether you are guilty or not.

Pasta, I have only had antipsychotics on a couple of occasions. They aren't pleasant and this guy didn't need to take them. The fact that he was sane would have made him feel worse (and really angry).

PP - when I Googled "Steven Kischko" the only thing that came up was your post. Any other details?

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Jno - I knew the name (or the sound of it) but I remember him being released now that I have seen his photo.
thanks jno
stephen kischko who dat den - - jesus

the two liddle girls were obviously lying, BUT how to show they were? In they end they ground one down - "do you think I am proud about what i did?"- the judge had praised her / them for their courage.... and the other one maintained silence. [which I have to say if I had perjured myself I wouild have done too - what good will it do Kischko if I go to prison?]
Someone has whispered perjury to her probably

big pay out - lived eighteen months I think

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Nightmare Situation!

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