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Canary42 | 20:34 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | News
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Uncle Sam still supporting this vile woman's efforts to escape her responsibilities.


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Agree with you there canary
Tragically, the USA will never give up one of their citizens, whatever the charge and the evidence. Does anyone have an example of when they have done in the past?
Would you all have stayed? Awful as this sounds, it was a genuine accident- and going home, meant she was safe. I would be surprised if she had done anything different.
It is awful, but can't be changed now.
The Dunn's are prolonging their agony unnecessarily. If she had been brought to court she would probably have got a fine & 12 months driving ban. Is it really sensible to continue this witch hunt?
Witch hunt? Are you serious? She killed their son and done a runner!!
So she was a spy?

Thought we were going to see a compromise court situation somewhere in the States? Alaska, probably frozen out, New York an New Hampshire off-limits because of a potential 'Epstein' event - California, Delaware and Nevada as to 'anything goes' and Texas, 'shoot or fry them now and ask questions later'....

What about the others - well they'll have their respective 'defences' such as Montana, no roads or autoroutes, Vermont with Bernie Sanders, Maine - it's all seaways....etc.
A genuine accident! God Almighty, Pixie!

Driving on the wrong side of the road. Running away so she could "be safe" instead of facing what she had done.

You'd have run away?

And your comments are no better, Davebro...a witch hunt. I despair.

I hope if my son has been killed by such a spineless coward that I'd be as persistent as Harry's family ...
Get her here, get her tried
Stop hiding and face up to what you’ve done !!
I have two children.
Had one been killed in the way she killed Harry I'd be ashamed of my self as a mother if I accepted it as a genuine accident with the driver not taking any responsibility and running away or if I considered my wanting her to face up to her actions as a witch hunt.
This woman KILLED someone by her stupidity and carelessness.

It wasn't "an accident" in any real sense of the word - it was an entirely avoidable incident after which this cowardly spook ran away and cried for Uncle Sam to protect her from the consequences of her actions.

I doubt she'll ever leave the US again - but I hope it has ruined her career and that the continued pressure never, ever allows her to forget that she KILLED a young man.
If it wasn't an accident what was it then Gness. She killed him on purpose?
I don't think I could live with myself if I had done what she's done.
How does she sleep at night?
An accident is (for example) hitting an unexpected diesel spill and veering into another vehicle - this was an incident that was entirely avoidable by any competent driver.
I genuinely thought it was an accident- ie entirely unintentional. I wasn't aware of her being on the wrong side of the road. Obviously,the outcome was tragic in any case- but I wonder what they are trying to achieve now... for someone who had no intention of harm? "Don't do it again"? I would imagine she will live with it forever, as will the relatives. But, what is the purpose here now?
I didn't say I would run away, gness. I hope I am never in that situation- and I honestly don't know.
I accept it was an accident. She turned out of the base, drove on the right, past signs warning her to do exactly not that, and within a couple if minutes hit a young lad and killed him.

Now if any of us had done that, say in a country that drove on the right, like the USA, we'd expect to face up to the consequences of our accident. The fact that she was a spy does not excuse her from that.
Semantic nonsense dave. She didn't do it on purpose, therefore it was accidental.

The woman is a coward that should have turned up at the police station as she promised to do, taken responsibility for what she did and faced justice. She should be extradited but she won't be.

Hopefully the guilt of it is running her life. That's about all that can be said.
You didn't know she was on the wrong side of the road, Pixie? You should have know that before deciding it was a genuine accident.

I know the area. I would question how she missed/ignored so many warning signs.
What could have been wrong with her that she did that?
Let's get this into perspective. This lady would almost certainly have been charged with causing death by careless driving. The death does not make the driving dangerous rather than careless. It is purely the manner of driving which determines dangerous or careless. The descriptions I have read of the incident would almost certainly not support a charge of dangerous driving.

So, that said, she would be sentenced in accordance with the guidelines for that offence. These are here:

This was not (again, from the reports I have read) "a prolonged, persistent and deliberate course of very bad driving"; no drugs or alcohol were involved; no mobile phone usage was involved. From what I have read (and I do know a little about sentencing for such matters) the driving itself would be seen at the lower end of seriousness and so a custodial sentence would be unlikely. Even if it was imposed, it would almost certainly be suspended. So let's step away from the idea that this woman would have been led away in chains for a lengthy spell in the chokey. It was never likely.

I agree she should not have fled the country. But I think the Dunn family need to accept that she did and they probably would have been more disappointed had she remained and been given six points on her licence and 40 hours of unpaid work.

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