Over 22,000 Migrants Expected. What To Do?

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david small | 17:38 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | News
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Border Force is braced for 22,000 migrants to cross the Channel in small boats this year with thousands more expected to be smuggled over in lorries.

More than 8,900 migrants have already reached Britain after making the 21-mile journey across from France, exceeding last year’s record total.

From the Sunday Times


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We pay France over £50m and a further £33m to be paid. I’d knock £500k off for every boat through

// Shoot them //

What sort of person do you have to be to make a comment like that? It's a disgraceful suggestion.

Well, I wouldn’t go that far, Sharon, but I would stop escorting them safely to English shores and take them the other way instead.
Chinajan, I think Sharon is being sarcastic.
Why not escort them to Scottish shores? According to the First Miniature they would be most welcome.
Stop being racist and either ignore it or embrace it.

Yes, I am being sarcastic.
Priti just has not got a grip on this problem.
Ric has the answer, but I would deduct £1000 for each boat that gets through.
For heaven's sake, why aren't the government doing something about this?
Ignoring it is embracing it, isn’t it Roy?
^ My sentiments exactly ! Weren't they supposed to be getting tough on illegal immigrants ??
It's not racist, it's freeloaderist.
Thats why you all voted for Brexit . to keep immigrants out.
Gulliver, you’re making a fool of yourself again. These people aren’t Europeans.
You are the one being made a FOOL of Naomi ,you voted Brexit to keep immigrants out, but you sent the good ones back , those were the ones who worked and paid taxes and added to the economy.
Now you are getting the other type of immigrants the ones that you will have to support. You reap what" you sow , just think twice about calling others "fool when you have been fooled yourself big time.

Why deduct for each boat that gets through? Surely you sue for each?
To all those who say we should welcome all these people crossing the channel I would pose the question ; ' Who is going to pay for their needs ?'
The simple answer is 'us', I know, but it's not that simple, is it ? I wish the Lefties would justify the cost and explain how the money will be raised.
In the end,sadly, I think we will have to stop ' rescueing' them.
Good question Lady CG , yes why aren't the govermemt doing something about this.
The simple answer is no-one in goverment or any other party or anywhere has a workable answer.
We already seem to be, Derek, wherever they are. Why are we paying to stop other countries illegally sending us illegal immigrants?
Surely, if we sued them instead- they would either realise they have to support them themselves, or pay us to. And maybe, stop allowing them in, in the first place.
Gulliver, I didn’t vote for Brexit to keep immigrants out - and these people would be coming Brexit or no Brexit. Your argument is flawed - as always.

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Over 22,000 Migrants Expected. What To Do?

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