What Will Be The Outcome Of The Unit Vote And What Will Its Impact Be On The Labour Party

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youngmafbog | 09:54 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | News
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An interesting piece from Andre Pierce and it doesn't really look good for labour at all.

Broke and with no clear leadership and now potentially having the last big cash cow removed what will happen to it? I think SKS bought in Lord Mandy too late.


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well we know that who ever pays the piper calls the tune and the Unite may well demand a shift to their beloved marxism or stop paying the piper. Real Labour has not won an election for 47 years and the unions don't seem to mind that as long as the ideology is preserved. We know that "Labour" can only win if they steal the Tories clothes. I think the party will split at some point and another "new" Labour will emerge once they realise what is plain to us outside looking in.
*57 years.
sorry 47 I was right the first time! doh!
Apparently the Conservatives are mainly funded by property developers. Fortunately Robert Jenrick is as bent as a nine bob note, and approves loads of dodgy schemes.
Ching Ching Tory coffers.
who gives a fig what happens to Labour - they are a busted flush!
They need to split. They hate each other more than they hate the Tories. It's the elephant in the room. They're just fighting over who gets to keep the name 'Labour' but it's irrelevant really.
Its a mess alright.
No wonder there is falling interest in voting.
Although I have no real interest in the outcome of a union election experience tells me that with three 'commies' against one moderate who was a close runner-up last time, the moderate should win, so Starmer need not panic yet.
Labour are history, they used to stand for 'The Working Man' they don't anymore and haven't done so for quite a few years.
They tried splitting before, remember the SDP?
Yes, that was a success wasn't it !
Jackdaw, one of the lefties pulled out so it's two against one now.

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What Will Be The Outcome Of The Unit Vote And What Will Its Impact Be On The Labour Party

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