Do Any Other Countries.....

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janzman | 09:22 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | News
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.....have any sort of equivalent of our awful 'track and trace pingdemic' nonsense.


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I think China has it.
Yes lots:

Some countries have sold that also monitor your self isolation.
In NI, self isolating is a legal requirement btw
Some countries that “apps” that …. monitor you at home
Yes, these blue countries have full contact tracing, light blue has limited tracing
The UK was lagging behind some other countries.
Not sure how accurate that map is:
For example as far as I know Russia has no “pingdemic” app as we do but it, like many countries, do have apps that track your movements if you’ve been identified as ill or a contact. Or indeed, are required to stay at home as part of a lockdown
And “contact tracing” isn’t just about apps of course
i just found out you do not legally have to self isolate when pinged . only if you have been contacted by phone from a contact tracer.....
"While the government has stressed that those who have been pinged must self-isolate, it is not actually a legal requirement either to download the app or to self-isolated if pinged by it."
Some countries do. The UK is the only one that gave 37 billion pounds to a bunch of amateurs to run it on a spreadsheet.
All the World and it's Scientists are very very concerned about Reckless Boris and his antics now that Covid figures have reached an all time high in the UK. They think he is nuts,.... so do I.
Gulliver//All the World and it's Scientists //
And where is your proof of this or is this your usual false news?
//i just found out you do not legally have to self isolate when pinged . only if you have been contacted by phone from a contact tracer.....//

Something I've been pointing out for the last two or three days, Espresso. I've also been trying to establish why, if individuals and companies are that concerned about the inconvenience it is causing them, they don't simply ditch the app.
new judge
this pandemic has shown me how easy it is for countries to be taken over by a dictator, people follow instructions like sheep, they don't think for themselves (not all of course)

Whether Boris is nuts or not is irrelevant.

I don't know if we are dealing with Covid in the best way or not. Boris can only be guided by the scientists.
The world leader is Phonecia, apparently.
12.02 But he ain't listening to them.
Question Author
Thanks for all your responses. I also understand that I could enter my local watering hole for a pint at say 2pm leave at 2.30 be home the rest of the day and in bed by 11.30 and I could still be 'pinged' by somebody entering the same pub at 10pm as the data stays in place till 11.59pm each day. Is this so?

Two phones using the app must be in contact for 15 mins (I think) and then one of the app owners records a positive test in the app.

What happens with manual test and trace in that case I’m not sure.
That’s where the app actually works well or should
god I shoulda known Itch would know

yeah most - article in the Times yesterday which I do NOT intend to copy out - most not working,
and those that did ( work ) they dallied in vaccinating and so got it anyway

R gov of Alabamy has told the unvaccimated in whoom most of the cases are seen, to get off their awses and get jabbed

republican note
There’s an awful article I read PP by a nurse in Alabama treating terminally ill Covid patients who were begging her to let them have the vac - too late - that they’d previously refused on all sorts of bizarre grounds. Alabama I think has the lowest take up rate for vaccinations in the US

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