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Yes I am !
yes, its about time -
Over the moon.
If it as been decided many will be happy. Still it depends on whether other countrys accept it and how easy it is to prove. Some may still want tests
Cue claims of discrimination against certain ages, ethnic communities, the poor, health groups
Extend it to pubs and restaurants.
I can’t express my excitement on here
For the community as a whole, I am happy but particularly for dave and NJ who have never been really convinced of lockdowns or persisting restrictions.
I understand that.
For myself, I am concerned as for the first time in 18 months we have the virus cornered and that is where I want it to stay thanks to the vaccination programme. For just 2 more weeks we could see the train described by Prof Van Tam,finally starting to move down the tunnel to it's destination.
Why Scotland are playing tonight is beyond me.
'ministers have not ruled out'
Well as no decisions have been announced it's difficult to say what I think of the "decision"! However, as I wont be going abroad this year it wont affect me in the slightest
No, I am not.

This is divisive and creates a split society, although that is probably what the liar Bunter Johnson and Herr Hancock want.

Yes makes sense and it's what I said months ago, in the end we'll end up with some sort of vaccinated "passport" for many purposes.
I can guess who'll be at the front of the queue to be 'chipped'.
// They are expected to unveil plans to exempt travellers from the ten-day quarantine after visiting an amber list destination, according to the Times. //

which is fine - but what if your destination country hasn't made similar arrangements? how many british holidaymakers will find the idea of quarantine in a spanish (other countries are available) airport budget hotel appealing?
The practice of asking all arrivals from abroad to have a negative PCR before travelling is widespread. Some countries have had a compulsory period of quarantine on top of that, some at a hotel for free.

One European country I know of tests (for free) incoming individuals on arrival and again at the end of quarantine. In April they dropped the quarantine requirement for double vaccinated arrivals from the EEA and USA. Past outbreaks have in every single case been traced to a breech of quarantine (they genome sequence and link/trace every single case). They have had single digit daily case numbers internally (border results are separate) for perhaps the last two months, many of them lately actually zero. They have detected the Delta (Indian) Variant at the border repeatedly over the past few weeks and isolated it. Their tourist business is rapidly increasing and they are reporting difficulties re-opening facilities/services fast enough to cope. The number of tourists expected this year is only going to be of the order of 25% pre-Covid levels but still double the local population - to proportionally match that loading the UK would need to accept 130 million visitors before the end of the year (actual around 42 million pre-Covid). I am unclear as to exactly how their vaccination rate compares with the UK's because they are vaccinating down to and including 16 year olds but I have seen lists suggesting they have vaccinated more people than the UK has, by any measure (percentage of adults, population, whatever).

The country concerned has of course not enjoyed the UK's World Beating success in anything, vaccination, deaths, number or severity of lockdowns, etc., etc. Now, while the UK population (as always) discusses access to pubs, whether to follow the rules because they are stupid, whether vaccinated people should be seen as different from those who are unvaccinated, etc., in that country they are seriously expecting to lift all restrictions within the country in less than ten day's time - vaccination will be complete by early August (except refusals). The external/border restrictions will remain for the immediate future. I am aware that there people are stunned by the UK's comparative failure, but are not crowing over their own comparative success (no claims of First Class, Leading, World's Best, etc.). There the comparison is, if anything, considered embarrassing (discomfort over the mess in full view "over there") because it was unexpected but above all that it should just go on and on is cringe inducing.
Yes if it happens.
I disagree with Emily Thornberry who thinks everyone should be treated the same. That isn’t the point. It shouldn’t be seen as a “reward for good behaviour” simply a practical way of making life easier for people. What otherwise is the point of a vaccination which it appears has been shown to reduce the chances of illness and more importantly also reduce the chances of spread.
We plainly cannot wait until everyone has been vaccinated. That day will after all never come
/// I am concerned as for the first time in 18 m, we have the virus cornered. I want it to stay there thanks to the vaccination programme.//

I agree - and the rest is just social work ( thank to Heisenberg).

Nothing decided yet, "Ministers are said to be preparing an announcement" which could mean anything from this incompetent mob.
Just because you have 2 jabs doesn’t mean you are safe or in fact that you can’t pass on the virus.

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