Crony Party At It Again

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gulliver1 | 15:06 Thu 03rd Jun 2021 | News
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Disgraced Tory Banker donates £500k to the Con Party after Boris gives him a seat in the House of Lords . Peter Cruddas, now Baron Cruddas,
was accused of inroducing clients to Cameron And Osborne when they were in power at a fee of £250,000 per client. (nice little earner).
No wonder they are known as the Con Party.


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Gulliver //was accused //
Was anything ever proven?
Well done for beating Shedman in the race to support our rulers, Danny.
You've got to be on your toes to beat the pack these days.
It's a fair question Douglas.Guliver has a habit of failing to back up his accusations.
// Was anything ever proven? //

well he resigned the same day the report was published. and although he successfully sued for defamation, the ruling was partly overturned because the central allegation was supported by the evidence.
Douglas, I voted tory as they were the only party that said they would get us out of the EU. In the following election there was not much choice as who to vote for. I agree with Danny on gulliver in that he never backs anything up as I have said before. Ask him a question and he ignores it. I do hope you never have cause to disagree with him or he will turn on you in a second and then you will have been radicalised like everyone else on here. I don't support any rulers and have voted for other parties in the past. Give me some decent opposition and I may do again. I vote for the party I think will be best for me, my family and the country IMO. Ask me something and I try to give an honest answer.
“No wonder they are known as the Con Party”

Are they known as the Con Party? I’ve never heard them called that by anybody other than Gulliver.
Question Author
If "Baron Cruddas", as Boris has named him, was not guilty, then why did he resign on very day he was accused.?
um no - I think
"Gulliver's at it again! - shock" is much better as a crowd puller
Question Author
18.22", Gulliver's at it again " I'm not sure what you mean Peter .
I suspect he means you’re being a prat, as per.
Question Author
20.54 Deskdiary and you are the biggest prat of them all, falling for the bait , eejit.
PP + Gully on the same thread! talk about critical mass! we need a new adjective! PMSL
Question Author
Right on cue. falls for it every time.
// In December 2020, it was announced he would be conferred a Life Peerage after a nomination by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, despite the contrary advice of the House of Lords Appointments Commission.[13] It was later revealed that he donated £500,000 to the Conservative Party days after being elevated to the House of Lords. //

They have no shame. Hopelessly bent.
well there's was a spare peerage knocking about after the treacherous Bercow was left out.
^^*or a collective noun TTT.

Suggestions welcome- I can think of a few, but I’ve only just been released from AB jail by the nannying censor, so I daren’t suggest any.
You’ve got a dodgy past.
Lord Geezer of Kronos is yours if you buy Boris a a gold plated Bidet.
Question Author
This Baron Cruddas is the richest man in the City of London , no wonder Boris and the other members of the Crony club like him.
sunk, deal!

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Crony Party At It Again

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