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perhaps you should learn something from the Queens Speech gulliver, lots of legislation, new laws on many things, including immigration, something they have promised to crack down on. He has been busy, as you must conclude, not just a pretty face, lol.......
Danny @ 12.30 , What does " coyoume" mean ????
its a typo by the looks of it.
Gulliver, no idea I copied and pasted your remark.
should say "couldn't come up with the cash....
12.37 ,Well at least you have improved a little on your rude post yesterday about Twisted Knickers , keep the good work up. well done.
and your equally rude response, which didn't last long i believe...
Well we all know it was michief by a covid conspiracy theorist whose made loads of claims against the chancellor, m&s etc and regularly writes to the queen. If you fire off 100 silly claims theres a chance one big company or person will fail to respond so she gets judgment. But as I said she will be thrown out as she got his name and address wrong on the court papers
It has been struck from the records. The beep beep see have still not been able to reveal the identity of the "claimant" as of 1.30pm.
I imagine that it was done through Money Claim Online. At the early stages it is purely administrative and it's really easy for matters to slip through the net when they shouldnt have done.

I can see at least 3 reasons for this judgement to be set aside.
The woman in question should get a better hobby, one that benefits society preferably.

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