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It could be something he was disputing.
maybe, but he should clear any backlog of debts, especially now as PM>
emmie if he is disputing eg poor workmanship, then its not usually a good idea to pay the bill.....
I doubt he even knew about it until Private Eye fished around for more dirt on him. He will have staff responsible for such matters.

And yes, if a debt is being disputed it could come to a small claims court (because its a very small claim).
If it's such a pifling amount, why doesn't he just dip into his pocket and pay the ruddy bill? He, or whoever pays his bills for him, must have received at least one 'Default Notice'.
I agree Ken. But I doubt a default notice would even be brought to Boris' attention. It really isn't news.
I'd have put it in CB, to be honest, even though the first i heard of it was actually on the lunchtime news on Radio 2.
The matter has been to court , and judgement was made against him .

So they are only now going to apply to have the judgement set aside?
This was in October .
What has he or his bag carriers done about it in
all this time? - Zilch by the sound of it even though reminders would have been sent .

Probably thought ,just ignore it .

The amount of money in question might not be much to some but it may be a lot to others , hence the matter being pursued through the courts

He has probably missed a monthly hush money payment to Jennifer Arcuri, or another one of his Bits on the side.
Mention Boris and hey presto, guess who! Obsession!!
18.16 APC 2604 , 50 People on this thread have Posted about Boris , because the thread is about Boris . Try getting out of the house now and again , you know, mixing with people and getting a life.
And you have posted a sleaze type post in reply Gulliver. I can only assume that that's all you think about, whilst you sit and home with no friends. The post was about a debt and you come on with a stupid reply.
The case was brought against B.J. at 10 Downing Street in October 2020 and was done online! The case number is 161MC959 and if you care to pay £6.00 you can find out who it is. :)) Meanwhile Downing St says "An application will be made for an order to set aside the default judgment, to strike out the claim and for a declaration that the claim is totally without merit.” Ahh everybody back on the bus(you know which one) and you can now release the clutch on your tinkies and stop dancing up and down. Here is the link ... pay the fee if you think it is genuine.
And why has it taken nearly 7 months to stir into action to do something about the judgement
Have you checked whether you have a judgement against you in the last 7 months? Someone may have taken out a mischief claim, online, without your knowledge. Do you really think that the "organisations" that are making the "reports" have not checked the claim? If I can find the claim number in 2 minutes, and the means to check it, do you honestly think that they have not? After all it is our stolen money they use for such things. Why would they not then publish the claimants identity? I am becoming more convinced that it is a collective mental illness that seeks and promotes this dog whistle behaviour. More concerning is the fact that this site allows it ... after the proud announcement, not too long ago, that non factual assertions would be removed and persistent posters of such tripe would face sanction.
//Have you checked whether you have a judgement against you in the last 7 months?//


If a judgement was made against me , I would be notified of it
Child support. :0)
Its odd because he lives at 11 downing street not 10 downing st which is the stated address on the demand.
Wonder if its a barbers bill
//If a judgement was made against me , I would be notified of it//

What if the "notifications" were sent next door? Do you know how you are notified after an online claim?

Has no-one paid the £6.00 yet? When you do will you announce the claimant or decide not to say like all the left wing tub thumpers?
Never saw this one Cummings.

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