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Doesn't matter who it is that owes the money - though i'm fairly sure had it been Corbyn or SKS, the tune being sung by some on here would have been vastly different. To some small businesses, it is quite a large amount. And, for it to get to the County Court stage, surely a reminder or 3 must have been sent out?
five hundred odd quid might be a lot to someone who is the one owed money. I took a company to court for 700 quid for a faulty laptop, after one stressful year, i got my money.
yes reminders are sent out.
Hopefully it is being settled as we discuss it.
Hopkirk. Boris isn't on his uppers. He has several millions.
it's probably his overdue private eye magazine subscription
why does he sometime complain about money if he's worth millions, perhaps some of that money if he does have a lot, is tied up in property. after all we still don't know who paid for his Caribbean holiday some £15,000 worth. if he did then he should have owned up by now.
ael, long overdue i would have thought ha ha...
To small businesses it is a lot of money but to someone like Boris it isn’t - which is why I imagine it’s an oversight. For the paltry sum of £535 it’s doubtful that this debt is the result of purposeful deception. That would be crazy.

By the way, Ken, had it been Corbyn or Starmer I’d have said the same. Men in their position don’t allow themselves to be taken to court for £535. It’s madness to imagine they would.
its bloody stressful i do know that, after my court case, the presiding judge told the man representing the company to pay up with costs, which i didn't accept, just the money for the useless lappy.
no they don't ordinarily, we will find out soon enough i suppose....
Someone in his position should know better than to ignore a debt so it gets to the County Court stage. He should resign.
You tell 'em, diddly!! :o)
resign over 500 odd quid, don't be ridiculous. would you resign from your job if it got to that stage.
I would never let it get to that stage.
, at this moment we don't know who he owes money to. lets wait and see if this matter is reported on again.
It was interesting to see, in the film "The Darkest Hour" that he isn't the first prime minister to have cash flow issues. It seems Winston Churchill had similar problems.
British statesman, army officer, and writer Winston Churchill had a net worth of -$1 million dollars at the time of his death, in 1965. Churchill was notoriously bad with money owing as much as £3.75 million pounds at one point.

so Boris owing 500 odd quid doesn't seem quite so bad Hopkirk
Isnt it true that people dont get rich by giving money away?
tell that to Bill Gates, who gives away fortunes to charity. likewise many other rich folk, they don't all keep it to themselves.

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