Chronic Pain.

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ludwigvan | 12:53 Wed 07th Apr 2021 | News
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So N.I.C.E. Has decided that people with chronic ideopathic pain should no longer be prescribed painkillers by their doctors, but should be told to take exercise or talking therapy, seems a bit harsh.
And no Tora there isn’t a link, try reading/watching the flipping news.


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why no link, you must have read this somewhere? How do we know what you are talking about? How do we know it's not some odd crackpot? or a reputable source? A link would be useful. If you don't know how to do it I am happy to help you.
talking therapy is a waste of breath.
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Getting to see a health professional face to face (certainly where I live) is largely impossible at present and looks like remaining so for the foreseeable future. Quite how those professionals are going to undertake some of the recommendations contained in the report is not entirely clear.
link here

it is nug 193 - no it doesnt say that but what the hell - this is insane bank! - roll on the crazies !

[foo wot da hell dey fink .... etc etc ] x 1000

Big probs with fentanyl based drugs in the land of the free which we dont want here.
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would you like me to show you how to do links?
This approach is already in use really, the biggest obstacle is that people's perception of pain relief still largely centres on popping a pill or two (yes,I include myself),anything else is seen by the patient as being fobbed off.
Probably easiest to discuss the topic TTT.
i don't take anything for pain, as i haven't found anything yet that eases osteo arthritis.
I too take hardly anything now for chronic daily pain and have in a way allowed it to become a part of my life but carry on with as much as each day allows.
so, there's no evidence that drugs work, but there is evidence that acupuncture, TT and exercise does. Seems a no-brainer to me then
ps to the above, the recommendations related to Primary pain, (pain with no idetified physiological cause) not secondary pain
Depressants were being suggested last year...
i already take anti depressants for mental health, i don't see it having any effect on the pain i feel. i try and go for a walk, but pain is at times mind numbing.
Please note:

//////that people with chronic ideopathic pain should no longer be prescribed painkillers by their doctors,/////

Idiopathic pain means of UKNOWN origin. Most pains are related to a diagnosed disorder so are NOT Idiopathic and pain killers will still be prescribed if applicable.
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I’ve had a post removed because I gave an honest opinion of ttt’s personality,yet he can criticise, insult and denigrate people with impunity,therefore I have decided that I no longer wish to be associated with a forum that will tolerate such a person, and tora, if you think you have scored a victory it just shows what a sad little man you are.
Come on Ludwig, we have all been through this, just don't take AB so seriously and remember if the Mods want to remove a post, then it is AB's loss.
I am not sure what exactly the OP is referring to, as no link. This thread seems to have been raised with the sole intention of baiting TTT. I'm sure if TTT did that he would be suspended, but there we go.

However ther seems to be two news items here, one dates back to mid lasat year and the other is related to this in the DM:

which hgas the headline:
"New warning over powerful painkillers: GPs are told not to prescribe pills for chronic aches with no known cause... and recommend exercise instead, latest guidelines say"

So, you can have pain killers if its diagnosed. The OP is incorrect.

Of course, for some, getting diagnosed these days may put paid to getting them (unless you have covid of course)

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