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Paigntonian | 21:22 Sat 27th Mar 2021 | News
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wonder why the BBC and Sky have only shown stills shots of the vessel with no live pix. Presumably, the Egyptians can't be too worried about it.


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there's live aerial shots depend who's news you watch
They have only shown still pictures because the vessel is stuck and therefore cant move.....innit?!
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Just seen live pics BBC.
There was coverage of the rear of the ship earlier but it stopped after a stern warning.
Very very funny douglas! You make me laugh more than any other poster.
no the pictures are live
it is just the Egyptians dont move very fast - ter daah !

After the ship got stuck there were big changes along the Suez Canal - a few of them started turning up for work ! - ter daah again

completely incapable of unsticking stuck boat
but the big thing is not to ask for help ....

I mean foo as they say here - the last time it was closed for 8 y

Egypt is losing a great deal of money so they will be worried but this is an enormous job.
eek the economic argument is not that strong

big bureaucracy - poorly paid who therefore come into work ! - and do nothing ( with no funds etc) - here they doan wanna be seen to erm be unable to run a country.

I mean they have missed the high tide and are basically screwed innit?
How do I know? lived there and er got on very well with a few baladi civil servants - we er had a lot of spare time for tea and conversation etc
Aren't they more interested in spreading covid doom and gloom?
Take a bow, douglas.

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