Police Hiding In Brighton Cop Shop Now

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Paigntonian | 21:35 Sat 27th Mar 2021 | News
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sending out tweets. Good grief.


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Telling people the front offices are closed and to keep away because of the protests right outside seems eminently sensible to me.
Question Author
You don't think the police should deal with the rioters breaking the law?
Tweet back at them.
Question Author
Might ask if they could pop out with a cup of tea. Awfully tiring this rioting business.
That ne'er know till tha ask, just knock that big fella with the firecrackers out the way.
Or a mug of black peas!
Question Author
Maybe they could broadcast Caroline Lucas from loudspeakers. That would send the *** off pronto.
Even better Atheist, with enough vinegar to make your spoon stand up.
Good grief

Was that one of the tweets?
This was the actual tweet ‘We have temporarily closed the front office of John Street Police Station due to a large protest which is currently taking place outside. Please avoid the area.’

Paints a slightly different picture than the op.

Op - 'Police Hiding In Brighton Cop Shop Now'

Daily Express:
'Police were seen barricading the station by standing in a line outside the entrance as the crowds drew nearer.'
'The station in John Street is shut and police are lined along the side entrance.'

If you are going to be childishly snide, at least try and be accurate.

You know these police persons who you are making fun of tonight. Just remember they have mother’s,fathers children,siblings,friends at home watching the media just like us .
gawd help us, what has happened to plod? Where are the hard door kicking proper coppers we used to have?
Our police nowadays seem to be 'damned if they do ' yet 'damned if they don't' . They were accused of being too heavy handed last week with the rioting women and now some people think they are being too soft .
Get the water canons back .

Like Gene Hunt, do you mean?
Jack Regan, George Carter! PMSL!
Reagan and Carter would be my guess.
now days they are taking the kin knee 4Fs!
Why don't the cops just call the Fire Department and kindly ask them to drop by with a fire-truck?

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Police Hiding In Brighton Cop Shop Now

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