Police And The Vigil

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Paigntonian | 00:47 Mon 15th Mar 2021 | News
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Didn't coppers used to have identification numbers? Couldn't see any on the TV coverage. And are they so moronic that they think they are not caught on camera when they misbehave?


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people feel invulnerable when they're wearing masks.
The Police Officers on Saturday evening were given a job to do by their Commanders, and they did it.
They did not misbehave.
Many people were shocked by the Police’s actions which is different. The Met got the job wrong but that was the fault of the leaders not the Officers on the frontline.
I reckon that first of all it was planned as a peaceful vigil in memory of Sarah Everard.However I reckon some militants joined in and started to cause some problems.
Has anyone stopped to think how Sarah's family feel seeing the headlines, it's bad enough that they are grieving for their beautiful daughter who's been murdered in the most heinous of ways,then to see headlines and TV coverage of what happened on Saturday night !!
hey lets have a bit of lightness in this heavy discussion !

what is the difference between the Police on Cla'am Common and the mods moederating here?

here it is the women doing it to the men ter daaah !

epaulettes by the way BUT it is sometimes that their uniforms and coats and anti bazooka frames that there is no room for ident

(first observed over the anonymity of police "controlling" nuclear protestors, captured on er 35 mm colour film)
chris photie from al jeazeera -blimey we are all politicised and polarised here !

al jazeera means ( zee island) [island in Cairo possibly] and is the er least anti British tel station
but I suppose there are jaza'ir everywhere

(hey babes clock that broken feminine plural - yay)
er in 1970
35 mm film in 1970 - - sozza
I agree with you Bobbs.
Agree with Sunk 07.08 and grumpy 08.16. However, bearing in mind we are in lockdown, I feel the whole idea of a vigil was completely inappropriate as it was always going to draw large numbers, thereby breaking lockdown rules and, ultimately, in a so called law abiding country, involve the police. Why was an illegal gathering thought to be a suitable way to remember that poor young woman? Calling it a ‘vigil’ doesn’t legitimise it.
The people at the vigil, however you choose to look at it ,were breaking the law .
Agree with Margarettom. And the more I see and hear about it, the more I feel sorry for the police. And insured with Bobbie. The family will suffer more now. The afternoon event of laying flowers was respectful. This so called vigil ended up as a protest, with the addition of people that turn up at any protest, (as one of the ladies at the vigil pointed out!)
And yes, Anne, they were breaking the law.

Jno, I am puzzled as to why you think wearing masks makes people feel vulnerable?
Sorry jno. I misread your post. I should just stop skimming through threads!
And I'm not insured with Bobbie! I agree with her.
When the woman complaining of being handcuffed and thrown to the ground turns out to be an actress advertising for work I wonder how long it will be before she is on chat shows and then in the jungle or on big brother - seems she will get her wish for publicity. I was also very aware that there were several women police officers involved and were being treated appallingly by so called peaceful protestors. Should have just told them to go home or water canons would be turned on them. And yes I know someone is going to say they were all sold off!
Cynical Lankeela, but well said. :-)
OK, I know it was a terrible crime but so were the murders of Millie Downer and Rachel Nickell ( to name just a couple), but were there any vigils for them ? It seems to me that these people can't mourn or grieve in private, they have to "go public" - why ?? Just don't understand it. Sorry.

The vigil was about more than the murder of a woman walking home from seeing a friend, it was a protest that women do not feel safe on the street, where they are abused, cat-called, attacked.
Lankeela - she is there already, just google her name, she is now known worldwide. When I was watching the incident on the box, having been in such situations, I thought that her manner was not the norm.

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Police And The Vigil

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