Patelgate Scandal.

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gulliver1 | 18:36 Thu 04th Mar 2021 | News
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Priti Patel "Bullying Case" has been dropped after Civil Servant recieves an undisclosed settlement of Tax Payers cash . Understood to be a six figure payment.
Thats why Boris and his Cronies are known as the Con Party.


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Not undisclosed they said how much it was on the 6 oclock news
Because she's worth it

Huh,thats nothing should come up to Scotland where us taxpaying mugs have to pay big money for a sex scandal among SNP msps and party members and former leaders.We only need the drugs and rock and roll to make up the trinity.Meanwhile Sturgeon sheds crocodile tears.
This is common practice in pretty much any field, be it business, unions or, in this case the Civil Service.

Throw money at somebody who’s upset, and they become un-upset and go away.

Move along - nothing to see here.
Sometimes the cause of the problem is dealt with, but that would doubtless be racist.

Desk, if there was nothing to see, then I don't think they'd have thrown money at it. If you were upset and then offered a tidy packet, what would you do?
I’d take the money.
A good thing that up here in Scotland we have you English mug taxpayers to subsidise us.Thanks mugs.
I wish someone would upset me, I could do with the money!
I agree wiv goo-lee
gullliver that !
this is a constructive dismissal case - huge amount of case law that affects 2% of claims
NO ! 2% of successful claims and here we have an underpaid Mandarin ( they arent underpaid by the way) taking home huge swathes of bacon

prod on Priti - there are a few health service Manthareens I would like to administer a good kicking to

Just in passing - - lick well - - - I mean Crisp who was high in the health service said ( to me actually ) as a civil servant, Tony Bliar - is really just something, he is soooooo good and visionary! and wonderful for the whole people of England

what happened? Here am I retired in the North of England and he is a Lord - Lord Crisp to be exact. i have no real sympathy for Mandarins
yeah goo-lee
inni-foo minee is correct they have spent - is it £10m ?
on whether Salmond is a bottom feeler or a bottom feeder ( you know one of those plankton at the deep end of an ocean)

the feelers are er out !
Question Author
She (Patel) must be guilty otherwise Boris would not have bought the Civil Servant out. Boris is pretty good at paying to help his female friends, didn't he bail another female. Jennifer Acuri with thousands of pounds worth of tax payers money when he was Mayor of London. He's good at this ain't he.
It was £340,000 ...
Sounds like a contender for the big sausage award!
// She (Patel) must be guilty otherwise Boris would not have bought the Civil Servant out.//

sorry goo-lee - nope
that is what all the fol-de-rol north of the border is about - far too much money was spent on a predictable loser

big big firms wont defend claims for less than a thousand - may be five how. Nicola spent a lot of time 'explaining' why they persisted with a case for months before the lawyers said - "give up or we go!"

and thinking - "och I was doon in London" was an absolute killer
That's one helluva banger!
Question Author
I think Prity , knows more about Boris than the public do.
As Churchill said, "Oh yes".
Question Author
21.44 .Someone else said " keep your friends close"
"keep your enemies closer"

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Patelgate Scandal.

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