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These morons aren't fit for purpose , I really hope there was CCTV about
Hope she makes a full recovery, of both injuries and psychologically, and the little *** are caught.

Also, respect to the lady for her cat naming prowess.
Poor soul, just look at the state of her face. Just cowardly scum really who wouldn't dare attack anyone younger and fitter. Even if they catch them though, what sort of punishment will they receive - not enough that's for sure.
I have no words.
Mindless violence, sickening.
Good grief.Horrendous.
They can go much lower. No regards or respect for other human beings. Shameful.

I just wonder who dragged these people up.
Disgraceful no more to say.
No empathy or remorse. Dont understand what goes through their tiny minds. Must have been dragged up by waste of space parents. They should be steralised in order that they are unable to breed more like them.

Wow, I wish I'd never clicked on the link. Poor Ida, she is well within her right to want to "throttle" the *** that did this to her.
Absolutely disgusting,having lost my mum 2 weeks ago i am in tears reading that.What sort of upbringing have these thugs had,i could say more but don't want to be banned,just vile.
damn savages should never see the light of day again.

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