Vaxgate Part Deux!

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ToraToraTora | 17:39 Thu 04th Mar 2021 | News
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Will the EUSSR ever learn, they still have egg on their boat from last time they tried this sort of thing!


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Question Author
one answer removed already must have touched a nerve!
let me translate boys and gurlz

Italy has unilaterally blocked export of astra zeneca vacca out of italy on the grounds that EU internal quotas have not been filled

it is nothing to do with us as very early on Boris made sure that our local vaccine PRODUCTION was operative ( built from nil, scratch)

( and fooda ESUSSR foo dat fing yeah - end of ! etc etc)
I am amazed anyone understood it !
The wonderful EU.
I'm Glad to be away from the bully boys of Europe TTT
Question Author
I wonder if companies in the EUSSR will be wondering how they'll be bullied in the future.
And Ms Sturgeon wants to be part of it ???
The mind boggles as to why
Your first responder was a spammer that has now been removed from the site.
Question Author
She is driven only by her hatred of England bobbi, common sense is way down the list.
does she hate England, i don't honestly think so TTT. I think that she loves Scotland more.
Well if she gets what she wants , and I seriously hope she does, they're in for a rude awakening
Question Author
Well if she loves Scotland she's got a funny way of showing it.
The Irish are asking why they can't have the 2.5 million doses that Micron and Murk hell won't use. They will connive and cheat, because they have lost the moral compass that we carried when we were trying to teach them manners and fair play. Not only that but the Irish are getting mighty agitated about the quotas that have been reset for fishing rights. Seems that Poland, Germany, France, Spain, and Greece have been given what was always considered the Irish rights. Now the EUSSR are deferring signing the "trade deal"(the one that we granted them a bit more time to sign because their paperwork had been delayed by covid) because the Irish border with N.I. is more important than all the other borders they have combined. You are watching a massive collapse of the protection racket in slomo.
"She is driven only by her hatred of England"

TORATOTORA is like a broken record.
TORATORATORA is also like a broken record...
Its just untenable, Australia has a contract with the companies and I`m reasonably certain their order was in before the EU lumbered into action so they are just covering up for their own failings .
No change there CAC!

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Vaxgate Part Deux!

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