Life In Hull Same As Iraq

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fender62 | 15:17 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | News
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some foreign guests take the proverbial [email protected] on the tax payer hosts, bet it's warmer in iraq
so hy does she not go back, said it was the retuen then.


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Makes my blood boil, what do these people expect, if they're not happy here then please just go back from where you came, simples!
She was placed there for her safety but she is not cooperating and allowing maintenance and environmental health to enter.

I would have more sympathy if she did.
Sounds like a mental health problem. Sounds like the Refugee Council is rather useless too. If she is wheelchair bound, she should not be in accommodation that means bathing and sleeping is upstairs.

Rather stupid to say she should go back to Iraq and Syria. She fled because it is not safe, family members killed. Just because she has had a shittie life in the middle east does not mean she should keep quiet about having a shittie life in sanctuary.
It could be worse.

She could be getting food parcels from Chartwells.
What that article fails to show (conveniently) is the horrendous state of the accommodation she has been placed in.

You'd do well to expand your reading matter before telling foreigners to 'go home'.
From the photo in the mail it looked OK to me. As has been stated, she is refusing to cooperate with Maintenance and Environmental Health, denying them access. Something fishy going on, I think.
"Something fishy going on, I think."

Yes, the Daily Mail telling its readers what they want to hear.
From the article ...
//Ms Hassan's landlord said: 'The flat was in immaculate condition upon the tenants' arrival. I know it is mouldy but they haven't let us in to do maintenance.
'We have been doing maintenance on a regular basis until to 2017 until for some reason we were refused access and we haven't been back and felt intimidated.

'When we get in there we will do a full refurbishment.

'Exhaustive measures were put in place to ensure the a gas certificate was instated in 2020 as it is a legal requirement for us.

'They have racked up over £5,000 in arrears and they have allowed the housing benefit to be cancelled. They have told me they will be gone by the end of the month.' //

//A Hull City Council spokesman said: 'The council's environmental health team has made contact with the family with a view to assessing the house, however the family has denied environmental health access to the property.
'Information has been provided in Arabic and the environmental health team has subsequently worked with the landlord of the property and the family's support worker to try to provide the advice and support needed.//

Perhaps the last two posters will offer to put them up? Put up or shut up even.
Not you Jackdaw. :))
As I said, there needs to be cooperation between tenant and landlord.

If I had refused entry to my landlord for years he'd soon have me out.

Screeching for her to go back is futile in this case,some charitable organisation needs to make her understand what she must do.
1. She should be re-house in more suitable accommodation immediately.
2. Her new tenancy agreement should be properly explained to her.
3. She should be taken on a day trip to Goole, then she might appreciate how great Hull is.
\\It could be worse.

She could be getting food parcels from Chartwells.//

Chartwells are part of Marcus Rashfords food poverty task force, i think he needs to have a word.
He certainly does, Webbo! Thieving, greedy so & so s
One wonders that, if she maintains she can't eat, how she's still alive.
An old variant on the Church Litany contained the lines:
'From Hell, Hull and Halifax,
Good Lord, deliver us.'
I bet she's never worked in her life. And she never will.
Question Author
and what has she brought to the uk.. speak english nope, had a job nope, has kids yes, cost to the uk taxpayer £££££, uncooperative
but will take and use public funds, bet she aint in a wheel chair
when no one's around, make headlines to get sympathy in order
to jump the housing cue, then when housed a miracle will occur
she will walk again to the dss.
send the ungrateful bee hatch back then, simples.
Rather stereotypical, but I tend to agree.
Has she received any fee for selling her story to the Mail? If she has, maybe she can put that towards helping herself and her family.

I've read between the lines....why hasn't she let anyone into the property for maintenance work?

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Life In Hull Same As Iraq

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