My God, Some Of These Republicans

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Paigntonian | 17:40 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | News
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are truly frightening (CNN live).


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And you're becoming the most frightful bore. Change the flumping record, why don't you.
Question Author
Never had a 'flumping record' in my life. Don't even know what it's supposed to mean. Idiot.
Stop watching and put Spongebob squarepants on. Don't be doing this to yourself.
Is Representative Jordan going to yield to any Republicans who intend to vote to Impeach, or is he going to line up Republicans on his side only?

On the other hand, ex-senator Jeff Flake (R), interviewed yesterday, came across as one of the most honest politicians I've seen.
Proof that being handicapped by sharing your name with a crumbly chocolate snack (whose adverts used to promote oral sex) is not a show-stopper :-)
Question Author
Jim: Just heard from two Republicans.
Yes, and they all are parroting the same line that Jim Jordan wants heard.
Yes, ask Mike Pence about "cancel culture" :-)

A makeshift gallows and noose ...
I turned it off. Quite frankly, it's the same appeal over and over from either side. Not wanting to "cede" my sanity to the lot of them, I've now put the football on.
I have waited to give you both a chance to prove you are not hypocrites.

You have both failed
Question Author
Royfro: How is calling Trump a nutter hypocritical?
Question Author
What is 'flumping' by the way?
I'm talking about Jim and Ich.
Spice, are you jealous that Paign.. might take over your title as champion bore? You really ought to get out more. Stop hanging out on your alt right sources. MSM is called that because it isn't PSM (work it out).
Flumping is merely a euphemism for another word beginning with F, which would not get past the AB censor.
Roy, seriously, man to man, in what way is Paign... a hypocrite?
Paign, "Frumping" is clearly a replacement word for something that would overwise be replaced by thrww asterisks. You know that full well, and to continue asking make you look a proper numpty.
Atheist, seriously, man to the thread a little slower and then maybe, just maybe

Atheist, Roy has already stated at 18:20, that Paign wasn't the target of his post.
Roy, to be honest I didn't understand what the thread was about. I would have expected some link. Maybe that would have explained the hypocracy of the two accused.

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My God, Some Of These Republicans

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