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A massive boost if they do follow,yes.
ASDA’s George Department has been failing badly for years before the pandemic.

But in the last year it has fallen off a cliff. No one is buying clothes when we are not allowed to go anywhere.

Good PR for ASDA. Better to have something there rather than an empty shop.
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every silver lining has a cloud eh sunk!
I don't think religion should play a part in the running of any country. It's an anachronistic concept. I'm not saying it should be banned or anything, just that it should be separate from the workings of the state.

Easier said than done though when they've both been enmeshed together for millenia.
wrong thread tomus
Wrong thread again, sorry. Something to do with the annoying workings of my phone.
Any way to get the vaccine out there is good. I think the delays will be more about the personnel to do it rather than the places though.

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