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Despicable as it is, it is not murder. The charge would be 'causing death by dangerous driving' at most.
Agree with Barry that it's not murder but it is despicable. The woman is a coward and should come forward and a least speak to his parents and family and apologise for her actions.
At para 81 of to-day's judgement, it states the arrangements at the base have already been reviewed.

Unfortunately I'm not able to paste it here but the full judgement is here,
81. Although not relevant to this claim, we should refer to the fact that following these
events the Secretary of State commissioned a review of the immunity arrangements for
US personnel and their families at RAF Croughton. Following that review, and
discussions between the FCO and US officials, the US agreed (i) to extend the advance
waiver of immunity from criminal jurisdiction both to all Embassy staff at RAF
Croughton (in respect of acts performed outside the course of their official duties) and
also to their family members; and (ii) to provide a new waiver of the personal
inviolability both of such Embassy staff and of their family members, for the purposes
of arrest/detention pending trial or following conviction. This waiver, which is said
to have prospective effect only, is recorded in Diplomatic Notes dated 20 July 2020.
Thanks for that. When I tried to paste, it kept pasting something I had previously copied and pasted.
If she had stood trial perhaps then his family would have had some sense of closure even if not complete justice.
I agree, l-j.
I know the family are hoping that Biden will be supportive of an extradition request but that will have to go through the American courts.
just try her in absence, she'd have probably got a suspended sentence anyway.
As she had immunity at the time, she cannot be prosecuted.
TCL she may have had immunity but she certainly doesn't have any ethical sense.
//...just try her in absence,//

Can't be done, Tora. Before embarking on a trial in the defendant's absence the court must be sure that he or she has been served with a summons or other court procedure notice (as appropriate) and is aware of the proceedings. This clearly has not been done and is unlikely to be done as it would require people in the US to assist and report back to the court. Not impossible, but highly unlikely to happen.
Doesnt this need reviewing??

yes the whole thread needs reviewing - it was never murder
but hell this is AB

and NJ is a naughty naughty judge ! trying to tell TTT ( Hi Tozza sozza TTT) for trying to tell TTT what the law of england
NJ dont even try

oh and corbo thanks for the judgement
I thought there were funny ( peculiar ) bits but the judge says anything peculiar - wasnt - - - presumably
Question Author
Ok then can one of you nice abers define murder, please.
"the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another."
bad as it is piggy, it ain't murder is it?
Question Author
Technically it isn't but try telling that boys parents. But in the real world if that was you or me we'd be hunted down and banged up!!
Yes, we would, piggy, as ‘causing death by dangerous driving’ carries a prison sentence of 14 years max.
Question Author
I know Barry.
This happened to a footballer who hopkirk and myself used to really like. He fled the scene of the crime which he caused by colliding with a car under the influence. Leaving the driver bleeding to death. After 3 or 4 days he turned himself in, and ended up doing 6 years of a 12yr stretch. I stand corrected if these details are not exact.
we would unless we were married to a diplomat and lived abroad, presumably. It would depend on the actual treaty with the country in question.

They also refuse to pay the London congestion charge

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Another Killer Got Away With Murder Due To Diplomatic Immunity!

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