Poor Ol’ Harry

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eve1974 | 16:30 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | News
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Treated like a “spare”

A spare that went to a private school, had private nannies, ski ing hols etc etc


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Well, yes. Money and privilege helps, but it can’t have been particularly easy for him feeling like a spare part.
Robert Lacey got another book out?
He is a very arrogant young man, and does not appreciate his lot in life.
He sees himself as some kind of leader, with wisdom to dispense.
Sadly, he does not have a clue, and is overshadowed by his I'll mannered wife.
What was that saying ? A spare what at a wedding!

//Robert Lacey’s new book was published on 15 October.//
Eve1974, Think of soe of the heartaches you've had in your life, some chalenges, times when you have felt unappreciated...would they have all been solved with a few fancy holidays and a private education?

He also lost his mother at a very early age. A mother that would have protected him from a lot of what he's gone through ( including megan I reckon)

Some people conveniently omit the heartache he suffered as a young boy which would have had a detrimental effect on him, they bang on about how privileged he was , I'd like to bet he has often wished he wasn't privileged and he had a Mum to turn to?
There have been a number of reviews of Robert Lacey's new book "Battle of the Brothers" lately. Most say that William led Harry into things like alcohol and marijuana but whenever there was negative press William was kept out of it and Harry took the flak.
I would never swap my life for his.

I'm naturally quite shy and I'm very private. The thought of being followed by the paps and your every move being documented is my idea of hell.
Sorry! I know people in worse situations than his, ie orphaned and left without much support, and not seen themselves as victims, most certainly not adapting a position of such arrogance.
Just busy putting food on the table.
I wouldn't swap for a royal life.
Feeling like a spare part ? Is that why he now acting like one ?

Always found it weird folk saying they wouldn't swop their life for that of a royal. It's clearly privileged. Luxury for old rope.
I think that what gets people annoyed at this situation is that he walked away for a private life and yet he is forever pontificating on things he knows little about, just what his wife tells him.
William probably did lead him into all sorts of bother but isn't that the role of the older sibling???

I lost my mother at a young age (11) I learnt to get on
with life without a nanny or private schooling.
Once he decided to step back from royal duties then
he should have given up all title etc and should no
longer be in line to the throne.
OG, I would happily forego the privilege in order to be able to walk to the local shop without a security shadow and every move possibly being photographed and published.
Ok, but you wouldn't need to walk to a local shop as a royal. You'd be far too busy doing something that interested you instead.
His Great Granda was the Spare who became King.
He is the spare, don’t think he was deprived though.

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Poor Ol’ Harry

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