Joe Biden - Trumps Best Asset?

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ToraToraTora | 10:23 Wed 12th Aug 2020 | News
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Have the crats given up hope for the next election? I suspect the next Democrat President is currently largely unknown to us at the moment. Still alll good for me, I have another apple coming from Jim!


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Have you not seen the opinion polls?
Biden’s biggest problem just now is, in fact his running mate, because as the article points out it is likely to be someone who’ll be a prime candidate to take his job in 4 years time.
Even Wall St has fallen in with Biden, despite the tax pledges, because they’ve had enough of Trump.
There are lots of signs that Biden is in control of the race at the moment, and as far as I can see very little signs that Trump will ever catch up in the popular vote. The question really is whether Biden will win in the key states. I can easily see a scenario in which Trump loses big in the popular vote but just sneaks the College. Which would be a disaster.

Still, here's a question for you, TTT: what incentive does Trump have to concede defeat if 2020 is going to be the "most CORRUPT ELECTION", "most RIGGED election", etc, in the US's history? I'd suggest that he wouldn't, or at least he would be extremely vocal about how unfair it was.

And don't give me the "it's just posturing" talk, either. Trump can insult Biden and Harris to his heart's content, as although we should demand better of our politicians than a playground slanging match it is somehow normalised now. But calling into question the integrity of the system (not to mention actively undermining it) is not posturing. See, for example, Belarus, or Russia, or any of the other many countries that are democratic in name only. Or think about what Johnson would have said had Corbyn somehow won last December. Answer: he'd have conceded defeat and left Downing Street the next morning. Shocked, perhaps (as would the entire country have been), but accepting of the result and of the system.
Think Trumps biggest problem now is, when are the men in white coats coming to take him away. ha ha .
There's this American Prof , who has called correctly the result of the presidential elections over the last 40 odd years

He has twiddled his sticks and is predicting a trump defeat

//He has twiddled his sticks and is predicting a trump defeat //

Also known as 'fiddlesticks'
Things can change of course but at the moment there’s more chance of me winning the presidency than DJT :-)
Trump's best asset would be laryngitis and a Twitter ban.
Biden running mate looks promising .
Biden has a big lead over Trump in the polls. Now his running mate has been announced, that is likely to increase.
Question Author
Jim 10:40, do you have evidence that the election will be "rigged"?
Shouldn’t you be addressing that question to Trump?
Just google " Trump says election rigged"...loads of news items to choose from.
He said the same thing before the last election, then switched his attention to the popular vote, which went against him.
Started an investigation into it, which was then mysteriously dropped.
I think Jims point is that it (probably) wont be rigged, but DT is claiming it will be
Trump has a wonderful ally here
I too think that his choice of a running mate should be an asset but I fear that we're ignoring the red-neck states in which his choice of VP has two negative characteristics.
i dunno Zebo, you can't lose what you never had. The redneck south were only ever going to vote for Trump. Biden could have Robert E Lee as running mate and it wouldn't sway the great unwashed.
Question Author
Tambo, wow, I have no idea who Terrence Williams is but he's a rare beast, bang on mate. If a white person had said that the LibFacs would be having hysterics.
I think part of Biden's choice of Kamala Harris (although I'm in no doubt she's a fine politician) is to dangle a carrot to Trump. He's a history of slamming his foot deep into his mouth, and this is exactly the kind of person he's likely to badmouth, and possibly royally screw up with, somewhere down the line.
As they say it is never over until the fat lady sings. Time and time again opinion polls have been wrong of late so I would not put my money on either candidate.

I'm just surprised the Democrats couldn't have found a better challenger than Biden.

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Joe Biden - Trumps Best Asset?

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