Give Up Spare Rooms For Asylum Seekers

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fender62 | 23:50 Tue 11th Aug 2020 | News
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bristol mayor...spare room for illegal migrants, i wonder if marvin has a spare room ready
of out luvi actors and singers and labour mp's now rise to the challenge, spare rooms and your debit card..mans gotta live, after all the phone calls back home are going to cost.


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He's having a laugh innit?
I'm sure JC and his followers could find some. They all seem to have second homes, one of which is no doubt available for this deserving cause.
BHH is behind this appeal for more hosts.

I admit I don't even know if Marvin Rees has a spare room.

Pretty sure it's illegal.
I'd rather bulldoze my house.
Wouldn't a Registered Charity be closed down or investigated if they were party to illegal activity?

I don't think they are a new set up.
"Pretty sure it's illegal." So are the migrants, so does it matter?
//I'd rather bulldoze my house//

Says a whole lot about you really.
//Pretty sure it's illegal. //

That's funny spicey.
I recall a good few years ago it was considered illegal to rock up in a foreign country with no ID, passport or tickets. Just try getting into Austria without a passport 60 years ago.
No need - they're being bussed to the "desolate" northeast (Lord Howells description when he wanted to move all Fracking up there) to add to the nation's top unemployment blackspot. Out of problem.
Some it would appear have short memories. This was how our hospitality was abused when people admitted alleged refugee children into their family not that long ago.The government did nothing except board up the coach windows to hide the true age of these bogus 'children' asylum seekers as they were picked up from their entry points in the UK..

@0016, ok Mozz how many are you taking in, just asking like?
I rent a one bedroom flat Baldrick, so I'm afraid I am unable to assist. If I had the means, and if we were talking about genuine refugees, I would do my bit.
Sorry, gave you a "K". Didn't check, my bad.

K, no problem.
I would do my bit, big problem.
As I said, they would have to be genuine refugees that have gone through the correct channels. Not random illegal immigrants, but genuinely displaced people.
Moz, how would you differentiate between an "illegal" refugee and "legal" refugee?
Not my job to Sanmac. I'd trust the authorities to do that. So I guess I'm putting my faith in politicians, which is a huge leap of faith I realise, but better than "bulldozing my property" to avoid that situation.

@ 0042, it's easy to be generous when you have nothing to offer, isn't it ?
True, but it seems that generosity is in short supply around here.

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Give Up Spare Rooms For Asylum Seekers

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