Who is in favour of face coverings being mandatory in shops?

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AB Editor | 09:34 Tue 14th Jul 2020 | News
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  • Yes, I am. - 195 votes
  • 58%
  • No, I am not. - 81 votes
  • 24%
  • I am not sure. - 32 votes
  • 10%
  • I do not care. - 25 votes
  • 7%
  • This does not apply to me. - 2 votes
  • 1%

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So the solution is there, Jourdain - and there are lightweight ones to be had, albeit generally one use and chuck versions, but the key thing to say that there are 'solutions' out there for you.
Thanks, THECORBYLOON, but I don't have that sort of phone. Kind of you though.

Tomus - I stay well away from other people in order to keep them safe and gel my hands constantly. Since I live in a tiny village, where there are no cases of the virus, and I see only other villagers on dog-walks (spaced on the other side of the road) the risk I pose to other people is approximately NIL.
thank you mamya
You're welcome, quite an inventive design some of those.
DTC thanks, but it doesn't help Mr. J2. I may be exempt (thanks for pointing that out folks, but other aren't and check-out people etc., etc. will not be wearing masks with windows in them. He will still be deprived of his independence and he enjoys going out once a week to Pets at Home to buy birdseed. Do they want us all to die of despair?
JOURDAIN, do you have a relative or pal who could print it off for you?

Have you looked on your local council or bus company websites to see if they issue exemption cards?
Charities for the deaf have called for greater awareness and use of the masks with windows in them.

If shop workers adopted them that would help greatly.
Have a chat with your local Pets manager - I bet they can reach some compromise......this is all about applying common sense though I would be the first to admit that we/our politicians have lost a lot of it in recent weeks - they should have this coverage policy in from the early weeks even if they didn't fully know what was going on to Covid dosperal (never minding Brexit dispersal too!).
Jourdain, read here and download the image that Corby has suggested.
JOURDAIN said she doesn't have the right 'phone to do that.

JOURDAIN, which bus company is in your area?
It might be worth checking what the shop is doing jordain. many shops have got shields at the tills so the staff don't have to wear facemasks. I know its difficult times and more difficult for people with other issues but nobody wants anybody to die of despair. There are solutions out there, maybe not perfect ones but say not the struggle naught availeth.
If you have a printer you can download the image.
Pets at Home had cashier coverage as to a screen down here in deepest Falmouth, as late as last Sunday.....
Thank you very much for all the positive and helpful comments. THE CORBYLOON - I don't know how the bus company could be helpful and there are only 2 buses a week so it doesn't loom large, but kind of you, thanks. I'll try to print off the sign you mentioned - but it doesn't solve Mr. J2's problem and I'm glad the question of deafness is being raised. Imagine how it feels to be effectively deprived of liberty after a long, independent life. :( He'll probably insist on doing his own thing (and I won't blame him) and end up in problematical situations.

I don't think wearing masks will help kick-start the economy. All the messages I am getting are on the lines of 'It must be pretty bad 'out there', probably worse than they let on'. We'll see - but it was just beginning to be not a penance to shop again. I wish all the measures taken didn't seem to be half-baked, knee jerk reactions.
I mentioned the bus company because it might be they could send something, a wee card for example, as confirmation you are exempt.
Again, thanks, CORBYLOON, I've checked and see what you mean. I don't think E.Yorks. has got that far. I shall photocopy my prescription and produce it, inhaler and spacer on request.

As a matter of amusement: my local Tesco had the q

Thanks again. CORBYLOON, but I don't think E. Yorks. Transport has got that far. I shall photocopy my prescription and wave it, inhaler and spacer at any enquiries.

As a matter of amusement: local Tesco has queue for the checkouts down the last aisle, which happens to be cleaning products, washing-powders etc.. Guess one of the things that is a trigger for me? If you want to clear a queue very, very fast - start a relatively minor asthma attack, coughing away! I was strangulatedly uttering 'Not Covid - asthma' as I fished in my handbag - but everyone magically disappeared from my vicinity! :)
I found out today that one large supermaket near here will not enforce the face covering restrictions. Also, the staff will not be made to wear them either.
The take on it is that shop management are not the police. If people want to shop without a face covering, that's a chance they are taking.
As for the staff, I think the feeling is that the masks/coverings would have to be changed on a regular basis, as they are only useful for about 30 minutes. Anyway, I can tell you for sure that the staff will not be made to wear face coverings.
The shop management may not think they are the police but they have health & safety responsibilities. If they show they don't care for the safety of staff and customers I know I would avoid them.

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