Who's In Favour Of Mandatory Face Coverings?

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diddlydo | 07:26 Tue 14th Jul 2020 | News
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Looks like we'll have no option after 24 July - or is this the time for civil disobedience?


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Diddly //- or is this the time for civil disobedience?//
Will you be the first to pay the £100 fine? I doubt it.
Face masks do ugly people a favour.
Will you be wearing one Diddlydo?
i can't see the point to be fair, i will wear one tomorrow when i go to the hospital because i must, otherwise i won't be seen.
Why not from now? I'd be happy wearing one
Not me. See below.

I've learned that this whole thing is an excercise by the government in population control. It's not an exercise in controling the virus.

I've learned that there are people who have been scared witless by the govt propaganda machine.

I've learned that there are two-faced hypocrites who are "advising" the government.

I've learned that the whole lockdown was started on the advice of a scientist whose previous record is one of innacuracies and flaws.

I've learned that SD is futile when observing most people and is totally unnecessary.

I've learned that 95% of all deaths from CV-19 are people who had one, or a combination of, heart disease, dementia or diabetes.

I've learned that if a person is in reasonably good health, (not perfect, by any means) then they have more chance of being hit by a meteorite than dying of CV-19.

I've learned that, apparently, a virus can now live for 72 hours without a host, compared to a virus in the 1980's (AIDS) that could only live outside a host for 15 seconds.

Other than that, I've learned nothing.
because i have worn one and they are to me at any rate, claustrophobic...i found that i couldn't wait to take it off.
It is not compulsory to wear a mask, just a face covering.
Question Author
I guess that many will be wearing worse than useless homemade coverings, so what's the point?
i have a proper mask, and its awful to wear..
Of course I'm not in favour of tyrannical impositions by controlling authorities. This isn't some harsh eastern authoritarian regime there to repress the people. Your option is to not shop. Let the government control freaks watch what happens to the high street and economy.
it will tank OG...
Burn your bra along with your face cover!!!

Bring on civil unrest, America needs to be shown just how it should be done.

Then cry about all the sickness and death.
OG, and when the death rate escalates, what then?
Question Author
Yet another mixed message from this incompetent government - on the one hand they want us all to go shopping to stimulate the economy but now they're making face coverings compulsory so people like me will visit as few shops as possible and as infrequently as possible. Completely bonkers.
Whatever Karen!!!

Some people are never happy
What death rate escalation ? We need to "get real". If the situation was that bad we'd not be trying to relax measures elsewhere.
OG, people are still dying.
That's normal. There are deaths and births all the time. Doesn't change the fact that we're relaxing our virus related measures elsewhere. Folk aren't up in arms about that, in fact they're calling for more relaxation. No consistency.
It makes some sense if you sneeze, but the virus spores are smaller than a micron (one thousandth of a millimetre) and most masks will not stop anything that size.
Certainly not. Worst decision Boris has made. I am lucky in that I have someone who shops for me. Yet it means I still cannot get my hair cut. Perhaps we should all wear niqabs.

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