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'Several people' does not equate to 'meltdown'.
Wishful thinking.
I agree with them.
A couple of numpties cutting up their cards is not mass resignations. And they are still members.
None story.
More than several fwiw. The “several” was the ones who did the chopped up cards bit on social media, according to the link
I think it is interesting, as it appears to equate freedom from the tyranny of mask wearing with Tories rather perhaps than labour
Conservative Party membership plunged alarmingly since 2010. The Party stopped publishing any numbers, and it was rumoured to be about 80,000.
But Boris’ leadership contest there were 140,000 votes.
Labour have 500,000 members.
I would urge EVERY member of ANY political party to resign - that'll shake the beggars!
Tories in meltdown. GOOD .
There are always ups and downs during a government’s term. In 4 years time we shall see.
It's the Tory government who is responsible for any appalling impositions. The fact that Labour admit they'd be worse, and would have done it already, merely underlines how we have none fit to govern these days. No escape for the masses. One can only hope for mass civil disobedience and the police, claim that they can't enforce the idiotic demand, proving true. Parliaments that either don't understand or don't care about society's culture, need removing.
Introducing masks 4 months ago made sense. Belatedly imposing compulsory wearing after all this time makes absolutely no sense at all.
With you on that Gromit.

As per my other thread Boris and Hancock need to go.
Things can only get Better, Sock it to em Keir. The Blues are on the run.
several people have cut up their membership cards? How is that a "meltdown"?
at least 9 years to go gully, I wonder where Labour will find their 5th leader to win an election in 130 years.
Gulliver, what do you think will happen for Labour to win their first election in 55 years in 2029?
You not counting 1974 (twice), 1997, 2003 and 2005 as Labour wins?

Landslide victories (Thatcher 1979, and Blair 1997) usually take a couple or three elections to turnaround, so Labour must expect to be out of office for the next decade.
Gromit: Last time Real Labour won an election was 1974, they won't get a sniff in 2024 so 2029 maybe, that's 55 years. The Tory lite wins don't count, they were not real Labour. Only 3 real Labour leaders have ever won an election, where is the next one coming from?
Blair’s majority for one was 60 sears greater.
Thatcher’s on the other hand initially was smaller.Her greater victories occurred later. Those comparisons are a bit misleading.

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