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Probably a David Icke disciple
Might as well go the whole hog and not wear one at all.
Sort of akin to wearing safety-glasses that have no lenses.
a mask like that will be needed when restaurants and bars reopen.... :-)
Surely, no-one's that stupid. Not even in America. Think this may have been 'staged' because she leaves before collecting whatever it is she has pointed out.
I am just glad mikey is still not here to see that clip.Still not totally convinced it is not a spoof. I recall many years ago a character played by Bernard Miles related that he cut a hole in his civilian issue gas mask so he could continue smoking his pipe. :-)
This morning in Tesco's I saw a young woman wearing a pretty, floral mask - probably gone to the trouble of making it herself. I thought that she'd missed the point a bit by positioning it so it covered her mouth and left her nose exposed.
Watched it a few times now and although I cannot quite decipher what she says when she is pointing to the goods behind the glass, I have noticed that she does not answer the question put to her. "Where did you get that mask from?" Her answer, "Why, because we have to wear one and it makes it harder to breathe." Spoof, imho.
I think it's a wonderful idea. But she's left her eyes exposed.
There are pretty stupid people about.

A woman came into work last week with a scarf as a face mask. She had it over her mouth but not he nose and it kept slipping down to her chin.

Whenever someone came past she hoiked it up to her mouth only.

Oh and can anyone tell me if you can only catch the virus from your mouth, nose and face?

Or can the virus fall on any part of your body when it is airborne or brushed against something with it on?
It's pretty much impossible to know what's real or fake these days. But even if it was a set up done for a joke, I bet you there's at least one actual dumbo somewhere doing that same thing for real.

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