Looks Like David Eek Is Banned From Youtube

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ukanonymous | 19:31 Sun 03rd May 2020 | News
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He is a bit mad but why is he banned? Too close to the truth? He was saying the corona virus death stats have been exaggerated and with that he is gone. Its just his opinion so why ban him it makes me mad.

Our local hospital is the regional epidemic center and there is absolutely no one there! We know nobody who has had it apart from some kids at the school and parents. It has been confirmed they have the virus but they were NEVER tested. Its very strange all of this and getting banned for questioning it makes it even more suspicious.


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Are you a fan, benhilton?
Roy you were wrong it's still going
Roy you were wrong it's still going

Very rarely am I wrong and I'm not wrong again.
benhilton, why?
Sounding like Trump now
Clare, it was closed - then reopened @ 10.51 this morning.
Hello Mamyalynne,
Did not realise that.
Weather lovely here, so I am going for a walk, need the exercise,
and to clear my head.

Hope you have a pleasant evening.
You too x
Because of his views about the cashless society Naomi . Keep using cash . I don't mind if people think I'm a bit of a nut , just keep using cash .
I dont have a problem with people being banned from sites on the grounds of insanity.

and er yes I have had three relatives die from covid so I dont doubt that it exists. and the local childrens hospital was given over to adults and I am pretty sure the adults on ventilators were you know - ill.

and yes Icke - is pretty crazy
this IS the David Icke thread innit
and not the "what-ho Jeeves " thread ?

I find it completely acceptable that Naomi should champion Ickes right to unlimited free speech. In fact I expect it - Nay ! I demand it!
and tomorrow she might even say he;s right. I am past being surprised.
Where did Naomi say that, pp?
// Never attribute to malice what could just as easily be down to incompetence //
verb sap Jim
I like the British army version - in a good going cack up never underestimate the role of sheer incompetence

as for social distancing - the evidence was slight
as for govt experts giving dangerous advice - well this isnt China you know!
or equally - this isnt President Trump talking !

and if you think it is dangerous - dont do it !
er isnt she the unlimited free speech lady?

I am braced for a - I didnt say that at all ! round
I don't think Naomi gives Icke's views the time of day and I don't believe for a second that she ever will. That is radically different from suggesting that those views shouldn't be censored.
Spicerack/Jim. Thanks chaps. I feature so very regularly in PP’s ramblings I really think I ought to start keeping a record of it all. I find it quite creepy.
benhilton, I've googled but I can't ascertain what he's saying about using cash. Could you explain please?
Yes, much as I like you, pp, naomi has clearly and politely asked you to stop. Please do x

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Looks Like David Eek Is Banned From Youtube

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