Looks Like David Eek Is Banned From Youtube

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ukanonymous | 19:31 Sun 03rd May 2020 | News
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He is a bit mad but why is he banned? Too close to the truth? He was saying the corona virus death stats have been exaggerated and with that he is gone. Its just his opinion so why ban him it makes me mad.

Our local hospital is the regional epidemic center and there is absolutely no one there! We know nobody who has had it apart from some kids at the school and parents. It has been confirmed they have the virus but they were NEVER tested. Its very strange all of this and getting banned for questioning it makes it even more suspicious.


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That was a lovely apology, clare. I was quite touched by it.
Not sure why you thanked Jim, Naomi. Although written in gobbledygook it was a masterclass in plausible deniability.
What did you think of the article, Tomuz?
I also don't think Naomi will ever want or need somebody else to interpret my posts for her. If she's thanking me on this occasion why not just leave it at that?
Spicerack/jim, I thanked Jim solely for the acknowledgement of PP’s peculiarly inaccurate ramblings, but in response to Jim’s second paragraph I haven’t suggested that Icke’s views should be censored.
No, you haven't, but then I was making the exact opposite point.
Jim, //That is radically different from suggesting that those views shouldn't be censored. //

What does that^ mean?
Or, in case I wasn't clear enough, what I was meaning was that your arguing for Icke to go uncensored says nothing about whether you agree with him or no.
Right ....
You're welcome :)
Two members separated by a common language.
It surprised me that YouTube has banned David. Especially as YouTube is an american company, don't they have free speech or suttin? Guess David is english though...

YouTube has always been happy to host conspiracy videos and theory's. YouTube hosted the 2007 UFO videos many branded as fake, only recently to be confirmed as real by the pentagon recently. Just in time for Trump to start a space military.
The WHO and Bill Gates are at the centre of all this conspiracy theory regardless of SNOPES proving most theory's to be wrong false or completely twisted.

So if you don't trust snopes you may have some ground to believe these conspiracy theories but generally if you do, then they're all a load of codswallop.

So for youtube to ban any conspiracies about the WHO right now, is a little bit sketchy. The only content that should be banned is information that may stop people from being hygenic and safe / locked down.

Why can't they defame the WHO?
// No, you haven't, but then I was making the exact opposite point.//

yeah jesus - why dont people read the posts before they blaart ?
and THEN boys and girls - there would be no need to apologise for
1) clarifying the next day - by putting a 'nart' in it somewhere = the Trump manoeuvre let us call it - unless you are reserving THAT for when he stuffs his hand down a woman's .......
2) saying you meant the oppo which is obvious if you read it
3) otherwise making a complete arriss of oneself

oh, and what am I blamed for - today?
being incomprehensible and a complete froot=loop
being very comprehensible and very very wrong (again)
both - at the same time ! - your answers please

// Jim, //That is radically different from suggesting that those views shouldn't be censored. // What does that^ mean?//

oh my god - this isnt a comedy script for ISIRTA (*) is it? Add in my sincere apology for something - anything. Crazy thread, crazy posters on a crazy subject - only on AB (again)

David Icke I think ( eek!) should be allowed to say what he wants. we all think he is mad. But the Pres of the worlds greatest country - er no NOT Xi Jing Pin - isnt he limited by sanity and truth?

Naomi says something crazy one day and the reverse ( still crazy somehow) the next and the markets do not budge
The president says a damn fool thing and the markets fall 10%

and that is why there is a duty on the president to say more sensible things that either Naomi or Icke.

(*) ISIRTA I am sorry I will read that again - comedy show on R 4

thank you for eading down to here
has anyone ever seen Neil Clark and Icke in the same room together?
// Why can't they defame the WHO?// - er it is an international org based in New York ( that's why ! ) - outside the jurisdicton of the High Court of England and it is difficult to defame an organisation

jesus they say I am the mad one

also WHO along with CDC and so on have had budget cuts - and so when people complain that they dont do narfin - they are completely right.
CDC - you know the fella to the right of Pres Trump ( the greatest president on earth etc?) ? That guy. He is the CDC - no money, no workers, no work.
end of as TTT says
Ellipsis, Jim’s language has nothing whatsoever in common with mine. I know what democracy means.

PP, and still you persist. Another for the record.
Well it's nice to see you too have a good memory, although it's a shame that you remembered only the headline rather than the rest of the article. There was a point behind that, even if you disagreed with it.
Sadly for you I have an excellent memory, Jim.

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Looks Like David Eek Is Banned From Youtube

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