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Probably some of his detractors doing this Tiggs
Yes, my son told me this, about an hour ago.
Difficult to know..
Haven't seen or heard anything about Putin just lately either.
Come to that, sightings of BoJo have been a bit thin on the ground.
Oh Noooo, please don’t encourage NJ, ;0)
Boris is going back to work Monday, thank goodness for small mercies.
the world wouldn't have lost much if Kim had died
Better the devil ......
Maybe it’s the name:
Kim Jong Un dead
Yes or no?
You mean he's now a brain/flesh eating zombie, or a vampire ?
Maybe just signed off on the sick.
I read he was in a vegetive state, that the surgeon didn’t have experience with obese patients and he was very nervous.

That says to me a slip of the knife.

I pity the surgeon and his family. Gone in sixty seconds.
If he has died the next in line is his sister...who may be even more unhinged than he is.
No loss, but as they say his sister might be worse, maybe time for a revoolution.
Apparently his very mad aunt is back on the scene too.... I hope his sister is at least sane
You know what they say about the female of the species! :-)
Never seen much of Prince Philip either,just a message which could have been posted by anyone.
One less nationalist and socialist in this crazy world of ours wouldnt go amiss.

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Kim Jong Un

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