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Very, naomi.
Sounds like me.
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// That the regime is going to such lengths to lionise Mr Kim suggests the young dictator still lacks the complete support of his people, //

How would they know? I mean which of them would be stupid enough to say they didn't like him when asked.
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None I should think, ludwig.
Well, his dad walked at the age of three weeks, so he must have inherited something special. :o/
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He also played a 38 under par the first time he picked a golf club up, and then immediately retired from the game.
tony,,,,,,,,, I think he maybe more intelligent than my children.
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anne, I think he maybe more intelligent than everyones children. I wonder how intelligent his children will be !.
I wonder what will eventually happen in NK. Surely the people cannot believe all this claptrap.
If the authorities there find out someone doesn't believe they may feed them to ravenous dogs.

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Kim Jong - Un ( Again )

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