Yet More Paedophiles

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hc4361 | 22:00 Fri 10th Apr 2015 | News
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The police and CPS have done a great job bringing these vile creatures to justice.

I just hope the sentences match the severity of the crimes.


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I doubt the sentence will reflect the severity of the crimes given that capital punishment is long gone.
How about castration, these people should be made to suffer somehow for their vile crimes.
^I agree.
^That was to douglas.
oh no. I can't read that , not babies and toddlers. .
Question Author
Castration, physical or chemical, doesn't always work.
I'm not going to read that link, but if it's what I think it is then they should have their necks stretched.
A 9mm round to the back of the head and falling neatly into a shallow ditch would be appropriate IMHO.
Think like many I know the punishment won't be sufficient - but let's be glad another gang has been busted.
People like that should be locked away forever. They are a danger to all vulnerable, young children.
I expect they will, Butterbun.
I don't expect they will, Butterbun - more's the pity.
Goodness...none of them appear to be Asian or Muslim ! Well, what a surprise !

Yes, well done to our hard-pressed Police, who must be in danger of drowning under all the reports of paedophilia, historical and in the present.
I don't want to read that.
The sentence will not meet the crime, unfortunately.
Goodness...none of them appear to be Asian or Muslim ! Well, what a surprise !

Hence you joining the thread?

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Yet More Paedophiles

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