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What a plonker!
sorry cant read it (ad blocker)
Sometimes you watch something and rub your eyes, height of stupidity.
The police officer was only doing his duty, so he is in the right. The pedestrian didn't seem to be quite 'all there', so he is in the wrong for not obeying the police officer immediately.

To be fair, he was a polite plonker.
I don't doubt some plods will love it.

"I was only following orders."

"First they came for the dog walkers ........."
What pedestrian? The shopkeeper?

Everyone was polite,yes but honestly,it was like a bad comedy sketch.
It would be nice to think our policemen possess an iota of common sense. This one clearly doesn't. In a time of crisis the country can well do without petty Jobsworths.
usually nonsense by the fed
Lets face it they are really going to hack folk off if they do this kind of thing to people that are already stressed, may be they are a little bored with having little to do with the pubs closed, no car chases, no one about at night.
I have had to watch this twice now. I'm surprised at you BB. This lady was taking sensible precautions. His time would have been better spent picking up the litter around his feet.
The look of power on his face puts me in mind of the behaviour of many police officers during the miner's strike.
He's not a newbie either. The promotion to what appears to be sergeant has gone to his head. I hope to read more of this.
Chalk on the floor to mark 2m sounds like a fantastic idea. Fine the police for wasting police time
Well put Naomi & gness
The plod in the chalking incident is truly a Jobsworth and had Esther still been around, he would most likely have taken centre stage on one of her programmes.
However, the folk driving miles to the Peak District to exercise their rights by walking their dogs are just extracting the urine, imho. They are seeing how far they can bend the rules.
I'm wondering if this was set up? If a policeman has his notebook out and asks for your name, he wouldn't just accept your Christian name.
There are two sorts of policemen; those who want to uphold the law and improve society and those, with small person syndrome, who simply want to throw their weight around "because they can". Fortunately the latter are few in number but the one in the article is one of them; certainly not suited to be a sergeant.
Can't open the link. I pad crashing. Is there a YouTube link?
NAOMI, the sound was muted after giving her first name and I suspect that is when she gave her surname and address.
Doing one's duty should involve a dash of common sense and initiative. Sadly, of late, the media are reporting they select recruits that must show very very little.
Oh was it Corby? Okay.

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